Leia Force FX Elite Lightsaber Arrives on shopDisney

Say what you will about The Rise of Skywalker, it did give us something we’d not seen before, Leia Organa training with a Lightsaber. Hasbro is bringing her weapon to their Force FX Elite Lightsaber line and it will be available on shopDisney tomorrow.

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What’s Happening:

  • Star Wars fans  looking to add a new high end collectible to their display will appreciate the Leia Force FX Elite Lightsaber coming to shopDisney.
  • Separate from the Disney Legacy Lightsabers, Force FX Elite blades and hilts are part of a stunning line from Hasbro that celebrates the galaxy’s most iconic weapons.
  • In a tweet shared this morning, shopDisney revealed that fans will be able to acquire the collectible starting on Monday, July 11th at 7am PT.

  • It’s long been known that Leia was Force sensitive, but we don’t actually see her wielding a blade until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. A flashback scene reveals her and her twin brother Luke sparing as she trains in the way of the Jedi.
  • While it’s terribly exciting to build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop at Black Spire Outpost, it’s also thrilling to collect the weapons of some of the galaxy’s best defenders.
  • The Force FX Elite collection gives fans a way to commemorate their favorite heroes or villains with beautiful, interactive display pieces that feature lighting and sound effects.

  • Hasbro’s Force FX line usually sells for $265.00 and includes a removable blade, stylized hilt, and display stand.
  • Guests will find the new release on the Star Wars page on shopDisney starting Monday, July 11th at 7am PT.
  • A link to the collectible can be found below.

Leia Organa FX Elite LIGHTSABER – Star Wars: The Black Series – $264.99

  • Ages 14+
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries, not included
  • Plastic / metal / electronics
  • Lightsaber: 42'' L

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