Hasbro Pulse Unboxes HasLab Massive New Galactus Figure from the Marvel Legends Series

With HasLab’s second Marvel Legends Series project on the way later this year, Ryan and Dwight from the Hasbro Pulse team unboxed the massive new Galactus figure in a new video released today.

  • Ryan and Dwight show off the new Galactus figure from HasLab in this new video from Hasbro Pulse.
  • Before opening up the packaging, they show off the diorama design on the box which makes for a great photo opportunity for your new Galactus.
  • We also get to see all of the accessories including his alternate heads and the three additional figures that came as stretch goals for the backing of this figure.
  • Galactus will come with three of his heralds:
    • The Silver Surfer
    • Nova
    • Morg
  • You can watch the full unboxing video below and expect the new Galactus figure from HasLab to ship later this year:

About the Galactus figure from HasLab:

  • The figure consists of 300+ pieces and features 70+ points of articulation, including 20 in each hand!
  • Galactus also features LEDs in both his head and his chest as well as three swappable face plates.
  • Those who backed the project will also receive a Marvel Insider Points Redemption code (70,000 points per purchase, limit 2 code redemptions per account) & all three digital comics issues of the Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four #48-50, Lee/Kirby, 1966) to read in the Marvel Comics app.
  • This is the second Marvel HasLab project to be announced by Hasbro. In 2020, they introduced their 26.3-inch Sentinel figure, which was successfully backed in just over a day. Now, that massive figure has been dwarfed by this new Galactus.