Owen Teague Tapped for Lead Role in New “Planet of the Apes” Film for 20th Century Studios

It looks like 20th Century Studios has found the star for their upcoming Planet of the Apes film. Owen Teague has been tapped to star in the next film in the popular franchise, according to Deadline.

  • While many of the details surrounding this film have been kept under wraps, Owen Teague will be playing the lead ape for the next phase of the franchise.
  • This won’t be Teague’s first role in a major franchise as his breakthrough role came in Stephen King’s It in 2017.
  • He followed that up with a part in another King adaptation – the Paramount+ limited series The Stand.
  • His upcoming credits include Netflix’s Reptile and A24’s Beth & Don.
  • Casting for the lead human role in the film is still underway.
  • Wes Ball is on to not just direct write but also the film.
  • Additionally, Ball has reportedly been working on visual effects for the film since he signed on in 2019.
  • The casting process for the film reportedly began after Ball turned in a script to the studio’s executives and excited them about the possibilities for the future of the franchise.
  • According to Deadline, Planet of the Apes has been a high priority for 20th Century Studios since the studios was acquired by Disney.
  • Earlier this year, we learned the plan was for filming to begin for Planet of the Apes in late summer/early fall. It looks like we are now a step closer to that goal.