Jeff Garlin’s Murray Goldberg Will Not Be Returning For 10th Season of “The Goldbergs”

Jeff Garlin will not be returning to play the role of Goldberg family patriarch, Murray, in the 10th season of the hit ABC series, The Goldbergs, according to TVLine.

What’s Happening:

  • When the hit ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs, returns next month, viewers will notice that Murray Goldberg, played by Jeff Garlin, is nowhere to be seen.
  • In the context of the show, viewers will learn that the character has been dead for several months, with the family “sort of moved on and has dealt with a lot of that” according to showrunner Alex Barnow.
  • Garlin exited the show last season following an investigation after multiple complaints of inappropriate conduct on set came about. Reportedly, Barnow has already spoken with Garlin, adding that “he is aware he is not being replaced.”
  • Showrunners are optimistic for the future of the show, saying that the loss of Murray with the excitement surrounding Erica’s pregnancy “feels like a huge reboot for us.”
  • Last season on the show, the Goldbergs reflected on the loss of their beloved Pops and together they decided to pay tribute to his memory by visiting his old stomping grounds. Adam, a forever filmmaker at heart, captures the journey on camera, theming it to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. In fact, as a senior in high school, Adam was more than ready to move on and pursue his creative dreams in college, but his plans were slightly sidelined when he discovered he had been waitlisted at NYU. While he worked to sway the deferral decision, Erica and Geoff entered the next chapter of their lives together – wedding planning. Lessons of patience and partnership evolved, with Geoff clumsily navigating his way around Erica’s hard to meet needs.
  • The 10th Season of The Goldbergs arrives on ABC on September 21st.

What They’re Saying:

  • Showrunner Alex Barnow: “This is going to be a family that has not reconciled the fact that their father’s gone but has sort of moved on and has dealt with a lot of that. We’re starting with optimism about [Erica’s] baby coming and looking forward to the future. It’s an opportunity for this interesting emotional basis for the way people are behaving.”

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