Harney & Sons Unveils Disney Fine Tea Collection

Harney & Sons Fine Teas has announced the launch of a new line of teas in collaboration with Disney. Available now, the Disney Collection from Harney & Sons features five beloved Disney characters as the inspiration for five new tea blends.

What’s Happening:

  • The Disney Collection features the following five teas:
    • Mickey Mouse: Beloved by all, Mickey Mouse inspired this blend of classic black tea with rosehips and vanilla that has both sophisticated elements a character of his stature deserves, along with flavors that are both good-natured and a little cheeky.
    • Minnie Mouse: A black tea base representing those beautiful ears, along with rose petals and natural rose flavor in honor of Minnie Mouse's rosy nature and bright pink and red outfits! Honey and caramel are added for sweetness that represents her positivity and boldness.
    • Snow White: Disney's Snow White, who is unbelievably celebrating her 85th anniversary this year, blend starts with a mutan white tea base and adds apple pieces (not sourced from a wicked queen), apple flavor, cornflowers and marigolds reminiscent of Snow White in her cottage with her forest animal friends.
    • Jasmine: The perfect way to celebrate Jasmine's 30th anniversary is with this tea. The Jasmine blend green tea is scented with jasmine and sprinkled with chamomile flowers to tempt tea fans to explore new teas! Not even a genie could conjure up such a special tea!
    • Moana: This tea was created with all the spirit of its inspiration, Disney's Moana. The aroma and flavor of this green bancha tea will instantly transport you to Motunui, Moana's home, with its coconut, fruit, and island flavors.
  • Each tea comes in a specially designed tin featuring the character's image, making them unique collectibles for fans.
  • The Disney Collection of teas from Harney & Sons is available at harney.com as well as stores in SoHo and Millerton, New York.

What They’re Saying:

  • Emeric Harney, Director of Marketing for Harney & Sons said: “We're excited and honored to have this opportunity to work with Disney and create teas based on the characteristics and personality of five of Disney's most popular characters, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Any time you are able to be part of a Disney project is, well, a magical thing! We worked hand-in-hand to develop the blends and tin designs so that each was a unique tribute to those Disney characters. We understand that people around the world know and love them from movies and TV. We wanted to make sure these teas were representative in every way of what the characters mean to both Disney fans and tea lovers everywhere. It is our hope that people find these teas not only delicious, but also experience a lovely bit of nostalgia with each sip."

About Harney & Sons Fine Teas:

  • From its humble beginnings in 1983 by the company's founder, John Harney, to today's international reputation, Harney & Sons has stayed true to its simple promise to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible. As the third generation of Harneys continues to carry out that mission, including educating tea lovers about fascinating tea traditions and types of tea found around the world, Harney & Sons customers are discovering their own passion for tea through the products and experience Harney offers.