LinaBell Makes an Appearance in Chuansha as Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates International Day of Sign Languages

To celebrate National Day of Sign Language as well as LinaBell’s first year at Shanghai Disney Resort, she had a day of adventure and learning some new skills.

What’s Happening:

  • In celebration of this year’s International Day of Sign Languages, and leading up to LinaBell’s first year with Shanghai Disney Resort, Duffy’s new friend had a new adventure today and learned some valuable new skills.
  • The curious and inquisitive fox made a special appearance in Chuansha township to greet neighboring community members and join them to learn sign language greetings at the Chuansha Community Education Center.
  • September 23rd has been designated by the United Nations as The International Day of Sign Languages, providing a unique opportunity to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all deaf people and other sign language users.
  • Each year, Shanghai Disney Resort celebrates this important date in unique ways to highlight the resort’s long-term commitment to promote inclusivity and accessibility in the community. Sign language is the main language by which some of the resort’s own guests and Cast Members communicate.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of sign language, the resort decided to host a very special sign language class in the Chuansha Community Education Center this year, inviting the inquisitive and charming LinaBell to inspire over one hundred local Chuansha residents to learn basic greetings and conversations in Chinese Sign Language.
  • Together with their new Duffy friend and Disney Cast, residents learned to sign “good morning,” “thank you,” “did you eat?” and most importantly, “Happy International Day of Sign Languages!”

  • In addition to joining this special sign language class, the little fox who loves nature also visited Chuansha Park to explore the beautiful landscape, experience local culture with her iconic magnifying glass, and of course, pose for photos to capture unforgettable moments.

  • Shanghai Disney Resort is committed to promoting and fostering a culture where guests and Cast Members of all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and embraced, and through the resort’s MagicALL accessibility program which provides a Magical Experience for All.
  • To welcome guests with hearing impairments, the resort offers complimentary sign language interpretation for some of its iconic shows, with advance reservations, from Mickey’s Storybook Express, Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration to Mickey’s Storybook Adventure, allowing these guests to be immersed in Disney’s signature live entertainment.
  • The resort also provides special sign-language themed activities in the community and among Cast, including Disney Reading Together with sign language and regular Cast sign language classes, encouraging everyone to learn sign language and emphasize the importance of inclusivity and accessibility.