Halloween 2022: Disney Villains Descend on Bésame Cosmetics for a Stunningly Wicked Collection

Bésame Cosmetics has turned to the Disney Villains for their latest collection that has arrived just in time for Halloween.

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UPDATE (12.2.2022): Happy Holidays from Bésame Cosmetics! For a limited time, their entire Disney Villains line is on sale with select items more than 30% off the original price.

What’s Happening:

  • The air has changed and if it feels like something sinister is lurking nearby, you’re right! Disney Villains have taken over some of our favorite brands including Bésame Cosmetics.
  • Earlier this month at D23 Expo 2022, Bésame launched their latest Disney collaboration focusing on vilest ladies in all of entertainment.
  • Four devious dames provide inspiration for a new series of makeup essentials including eyeshadow, nail polish, shimmer cream, and lipstick. So who all is featured? So glad you asked! This collection showcases:
    • Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove
    • The Evil Queen – Snow White
    • Ursula – The Little Mermaid
    • Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  • Each piece is sold separately (no sets) and comes in unique packaging that pays homage to the villain it represents in the most sinister and elegant ways you can imagine.
  • Like many of their special collaborations, Bésame’s Disney Villains Collection is limited edition and will not be reproduced.
  • The collection is available now through Besame’s website. Prices range from $20.00-$225.00 and all sales are final.
  • Links to the individual items can be found below.


“Pull the lever,” or regret it forever! This fascinating nail polish comes in a vial shaped bottle that looks exactly like the potion Yzma carried for Kuzco!

Yzma Nail Polish – Besame Cosmetics – $25.00

Fun Fact: “This polish has a peel-off front label that reveals a poison skull design — just like in the film!”

The Evil Queen

Yes, you are the fairest of all, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Let your dangerous side take over with a 12-pan eyeshadow palette that looks an awful lot like the Queen’s poison potion book…, or finish things off with lipstick and nail polish that are to die for.

The Queen Shadow Book – Besame Cosmetics – $115.00

Shades Include: Magic Mirror – glittery gold; Vanity – a matte purple; Wicked – versatile matte black; The Huntsmen – neutral, medium brown; Sea Witch – eye-safe pressed glitter light purple; Fathoms Below – mottled light and dark blue holographic shimmer; Caspian Sea – matte light brown; Your Voice – shimmery lilac; Glittering Assembly – deep purple shimmer; Your Excellency – taupe matte; Forbidden Mountains – light cream matt; My Pet – holographic green shimmery featuring a lavender base

The Queen Lipstick – Besame Cosmetics – $30.00

  • Triple pigmented, feather-proof, long-wearing satin finish
  • Subtle vanilla flavor
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, and squalene to moisturize the lips

The Queen Nail Polish – Besame Cosmetics – $20.00

Fun Fact: “The shade is designed to resemble the shiny, shimmering look of the poison apple as it emerges from the Queen’s cauldron.”


From the murky depths of the sea comes three stunning looks that are perfect for every poor unfortunate soul! Dazzle your audience with a red lip, shimmering eyes and cheeks or show you mean business with a pearlescent nail color.

Ursula Lipstick – Besame Cosmetics – $30.00

Fun Fact: Inspired by the sea witch, and pulled right from the animation color palette, this bright, true red features a cool-blue undertone that complements a wide range of complexions. Triple pigmented, feather-proof, long-wearing satin finish.

Ursula Metal Compact – Besame Cosmetics – $225.00

  • Ethereal gold shimmer cream topped with flakes of glitter
  • Custom cast and sculpted, gold-plated and finished with five large Swarovski crystals
  • Compact is refillable with any Bésame powder.
  • Perfect for display
  • Can be worn with a ribbon as a necklace
  • Edition size of 2000

Ursula Nail Polish – Besame Cosmetics – $20.00

  • Alluring pearl color prominently features a key ingredient for Ursula’s magic potion on the front.
  • Wear alone for a natural pink and purple holographic effect or as a topcoat


Transform your everyday look to something a bit more wicked with Maleficent. A pop of color for your lips, or dark polish for your nails makes quite the statement. And don’t forget the large onyx ring that opens to reveal a solid perfume.

Maleficent Nail Polish – Besame Cosmetics – $20.00

  • Black holographic shimmer shade color dances between a shimmering black and a neon green.

Maleficent Lipstick – Besame Cosmetics – $30.00

  • Triple pigmented, feather-proof, long-wearing satin finish
  • Subtle vanilla flavor
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, and squalene to moisturize the lips

Maleficent’s Ring – Besame Cosmetics – $129.00

Fun Fact: This alluring perfume is encased in a custom cast replica of the ring worn by Maleficent in the original animated film.  When you’re ready to use, flip open the top to reveal the tantalizing, rich “Black Rose” fragrance in solid form. Size 10 ring.

“Black Rose” Scent: TOP: Grapefruit, Orange Flower MID: Rosebud, Black Rose BASE: Buddhawood, Vetiver

Why Shop Bésame?:

Bésame Cosmetics is a premium makeup brand that works with quality ingredients and materials to deliver fans the best of the best. And when it comes to their Disney collaborations, they work closely with the company, even pulling from archives and Ink and Paint samples so that the makeup you’re getting is as identical to its on screen appearance as possible.