Halloween “Pops Up” with New “Hocus Pocus” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Items from Lovepop

We’re into the spookiest month of the year, and with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+, many companies are getting their piece of this lucrative franchise. The latest is Lovepop, who have some unique designs featuring Hocus Pocus and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus Spellbinding Bundle

  • This magical bundle is an amazing choice for any super-fans of Hocus Pocus! Included within are the Disney Hocus Pocus I Put a Spell on You Pop-Up Card and Spellbinding Bouquet, both of which are also available individually.
  • Disney’s Hocus Pocus Spellbinding Bundle retails for $38, while the Pop-Up Card individually retails for $15 and the Spellbinding Bouquet is $26.

  • Gather ‘round Sisters… we’ve brewed up something special just for you! Anyone who lives for all things Halloween will adore this spooky sweet design. Send your best friend a loving reminder that sistaaas stick together. Send your Massachusetts relatives a reminder to keep Salem witchy.

  • Purple and orange florals pop up out of this spooky bouquet, with black vines creeping around the purple base and up through the flowers. The three Sanderson Sisters poke out of the blooms, holding on to the Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy, alongside a bottle of magical green life potion.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle Pop-Up Card

  • Anyone who lives for all things Halloween will love this Disney Hocus Pocus card featuring the black flame candle!
  • The black cover features an image of the Sanderson Sisters—one witch in green, one in orange, and one in yellow, over the message “Who Dares to Light the Black Flame Candle?” Open the card to reveal the black flame candle surrounded by swirls of smoke. The inside also features a “Happy Halloween” message with mystical elements from the film scattered around the base of the 3D candle.
  • Disney’s Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle Pop-Up Card retails for $15.

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimate Spooky Bundle

  • The black glittery cover of this pop-up design features the spooky rolling hill of Halloween Town, backlit by a large yellow full moon. Upon opening, Jack Skellington and Sally appear holding hands on the top of the hill, surrounded by an abundance of sinister-looking jack-o-lanterns. The Mayor and Zero hang out towards the base of the hill, surrounded by the ghoulish decor of Halloween Town.

  • Everybody scream! Send these creepy-cute blooms to that one friend who wishes every day was Halloween. Give your other half this Seriously Spooky Bouquet as a gesture of your undying love. Any diehard fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will adore this scary sentiment.

Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wreath

  • This 3D pop-up wreath will be sure to make you scream! The wreath features ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats, ghouls, skulls, and leaves in purple, orange, black, white, and silver colors. The top of the wreath has Jack Skellington’s face, and Zero the ghost dog hidden among the various Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas creatures and decorations.
  • Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wreath is the perfect way to decorate your doorway this Halloween. Or send this unique 3D pop-up wreath to a friend or family member who wishes every day was Halloween—they can display the wreath and give everyone a fright!
  • Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wreath retails for $26.
  • These and other items from Lovepop are available online and at both Disney Springs and Downtown Disney.
  • Check out our recent merchandise roundup for more items inspired by Hocus Pocus 2.
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