Venomize Your Favorite Heroes with Marvel Battleworld – Rise of the Symbiotes from Funko Games

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero has arrived to lead the newest installment of the collectible adventure game Marvel Battleworld from Funko Games. The just-announced Marvel Battleworld Series 4 – Rise of the Symbiotes comes on the heels of the successful release of Series 3 – Ultimate Armory earlier this year.

  • In this latest release, the symbiote that’s turned Eddie Brock into Venom is infecting the rest of the characters and affecting their superpowers.
  • The new game mechanic features symbiotic sleeves that players can use to signify venomized heroes with special abilities and powers while they battle to save the city again.
  • The smaller Battleball contains two mystery Hero Movers, while the newly redesigned Mega Packs provide players with six new Hero Movers.
  • Do your best to collect all 30+ new heroes or play the game as-is right out of the packaging, the choice is yours.

Marvel Battleworld: Rise of the Symbiotes Battle Ball

  • Series 4 introduces brand-new locations, battles, and exciting game mechanics that will continue to challenge players and test their strategies!

Marvel Battleworld: Rise of the Symbiotes Series 4 Mega Pack

  • Mega Packs let you jumpstart your collection with six characters, including two trapped in Thanostones and the exclusive Carnage (with Blade Arm) variant!