“Disney Story Beyond” Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in January 2023

Disney park fans love to explore the stories that go behind many of the attractions and Tokyo Disney Resort is no exception. Disney Parks Blog shared more about the new storytelling experience, Disney Stories Beyond that is coming to Tokyo Disney Resort.

What's Happening:

  • There's going to be a new experience coming to Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Disney Stories Beyond will focus on one attraction at a time and develop stories that go beyond what guests may already know.
  • While still continuing on with the existing story, the plot will have elements that guests can interact with.
  • The first story will explore the Haunted Mansion from January 26 through March 31 at Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Guests can enjoy limited-time access to new stories and characters in many ways, both inside and outside the attraction.
  • This will include augmented reality photo opportunities with ghosts, and "nazotoki," a popular mystery-solving program in Japan.
  • There will also be merchandise themed for Disney Story Beyond – Haunted Mansion.
  • While the in park experience will give guests the full experience, those who cannot come to the park during this time will have a chance to enjoy the stories and characters virtually.
  • One of those ways that you can participate is by taking part in a fan art event where the aspiring storyteller can submit original fan art depicting the newest Haunted Mansion residents.
  • This is all in hopes of allowing guests to develop a deeper love for the park and its many experiences.