New Marvel Infinity Comics Set to Debut in 2023

2023 will usher in a brand-new year of Marvel’s Infinity Comics Exclusive to the Marvel Unlimited app, Infinity Comics are in-continuity vertical series that are told by Marvel’s top creators. Marvel has shared a look at some new Infinity Comics coming next year.

  • Each Infinity Comic is perfectly adapted for mobile reading and make for excellent entry points too—plus, new issues from the lineup are dropped regularly throughout the week!
  • Comprised of ongoing anthology runs like “Spider-Verse Unlimited” and “X-Men Unlimited,” rotating arcs in “Marvel’s Voices” and “Love Unlimited,” and fan-favorite funnies like “It’s Jeff” and “Alligator Loki,” Marvel’s Infinity Comics offer something for every Marvel reader.
  • See what’s right around the corner in January. Here’s our first look at Infinity Comics’ upcoming story arcs in 2023.

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #68 (Dropping January 2)

  • Creators Steve Orlando, Emilio Laiso, and Rachelle Rosenberg reunite for the fourth part of “X-Men Green”! Continuing Nature Girl’s crusade against the human world, this installment of “X-Men Green” pulls the Marauders into the mix to end the devastation that Lin Li’s unleashed.

Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #27 (Dropping January 3)

  • Issue #27 marks an all-new arc in the anthology series starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! In six-parter “Key to a Mystery,” it’s full-on Avengers versus Avengers action. Iron Man follows a mysterious energy signature that leads him into an ambush—by Wolverine?

Love Unlimited: Karma in Love Infinity Comic #31 (Dropping January 5)

  • Life on Krakoa has been good to Karma! She’s been able to expel her twin brother’s trapped psyche from her mind, undertake heroic missions as a New Mutant, and even found the time to begin dating fellow mutant Galura—but when her relationship hits the rocks, everything seems to start falling apart. Award-winning creator Trung Le Nguyen brings a brand-new adventure to life in “Karma in Love,” the next installment from Marvel Unlimited’s romance anthology!

Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic #32 (Dropping January 10)

  • “A Tale of Two Cities” starts here! Gwen Stacy just wants to get to her university class on Earth-616. But with the Bodega Bandit wreaking havoc, Ghost-Spider’s work is never done. Especially now that he may have an evil twin on Earth-616! Don’t miss this Gwen-centric arc from the weekly anthology spanning the Spider-Verse!

Marvel’s Voices: Crescent and Io Infinity Comic #33 (Dropping January 11)

  • The anthology series renowned for its fresh take on “the world outside your window” launches a new four-part arc starring Agents of Atlas Crescent and Io!
  • Crescent wants to make a name for herself. As the youngest Agent of Atlas, having a bed time and missing out on important team fights isn’t going to cut it anymore. But Crescent has much more to learn if she hopes to fight with the big leagues…