“Lofi Minnie: Chill” the Second “Lofi” Volume Featuring Some of Minnie’s Favorite Disney Songs Now Available

Lofi Minnie: Chill, the second Lofi volume featuring some of Minnie’s favorite Disney songs reimagined, is officially here. This is available across all major streaming platforms.

What's Happening:

  • The wait is over for Lofi Minnie: Chill, the second Lofi volume featuring some of Minnie’s favorite Disney songs reimagined.
  • Chill out to iconic hits like When You Wish Upon a Star, Beauty and the Beast, We Don’t Talk About Bruno and more in a fresh new Lofi vibe, now available across major streaming platforms.
  • Minnie brought together some of the biggest names in Lofi, and unstoppable up-and-comers, to create Lofi Minnie: Chill following the 2022 release of Lofi Minnie: Focus. 
  • These favorites are sure to inspire and bring a smile to your face, so take a beat and chill with Minnie today.

With soothing beats & uplifting melodies, these tracks are the perfect way to unwind and let your creative juices flow, featuring:

  • One-of-a-kind album artwork created by legendary animator Mark Henn of Walt Disney Studios Animation.
  • 16 Disney hits reimagined by artists from around the world, including Jazzinuf, Team Astro, Sagun, eevee and more (captivating 10M+ monthly Spotify listeners collectively).
  • A musical journey through varied Lofi influences, ranging from hip-hop and jazz to Bossa Nova and Japanese Folk.