Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Yondu Action Figure Coming Soon

While Marvel moviegoers are amped for the MCU’s take on the Guardians of the Galaxy to return to the big screen, Hasbro is getting Marvel Comic fans excited for collectibles with their latest version of Yondu. This new 6-inch scale figure brings his bold coloring and sassy attitude to your display case and will be available exclusively at Target later this year.

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What’s Happening:

  • Marvel fans can add some galactic vibes to their assortment of action figures with a new Yondu collectible from Hasbro.
  • The company is shining a spotlight on the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Comics and Youndu is getting the full page treatment! This release showcases the Centaurian with his shocking blue skin, a large mohawk fin quiver of arrows and a bow of course!
  • He wears a gold chest strap and matching belt and his left arm seems to be sporting a red uniform accented with gold stripes and a star.

  • As with all standard (not retro) Marvel Legends figures, Yondu measures 6-inches tall, features premium detail and multiple points of articulation. This release comes with three additional accessories for imaginative play and dynamic display.
  • The Marvel Legends Youndu figure will be available for pre-order exclusively at Target this spring.
  • The figure sells for $24.99. Check back soon for a link to the item.

1,000 years in the future, Centaurian Yondu Udonta bands together with the Guardians of the Galaxy using his bow and sound-responsive yaka arrows to defeat the invading Badoon empire!

Marvel Legends Series Yondu Guardians Of The Galaxy Figure

  • Includes bow, quiver, and yaka arrow
  • Ages 4 years & up
  • Approx. Retail Price: $24.99
  • Available for pre-order this Spring exclusively at Target