Bill Overhauling Reedy Creek Improvement District Passes Florida House State Affairs Committee

The end of the Reedy Creek Improvement District as we know it could soon be upon us, as Florida lawmakers will move forward with a vote to overhaul the governing body of Walt Disney World.

What’s Happening:

  • After being approved by the House State Affairs committee, the bill will now be voted on by the Florida House of Representatives on Thursday, and then head to the full Senate on Friday.
  • The bill would change how the district’s landowners elect board members as Disney would previously handpick the board members of Reedy Creek as they were the primary landowners.
  • Now, if the bill passes as is, the governor will appoint those members, subject to confirmation by the Florida senate
  • The new bill would also rename Reedy Creek as the “Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.”
  • Bill sponsor Rep. Fred Hawkins of St. Cloud noted that “all that visit the park, nothing has changed; day to day it will be the same.”
  • Outstanding debt, contracts, and tax collection would not be affected, according to the bill, and would not be transferred to local taxpayers as was originally feared by some familiar with the matter.
  • This special session is the culmination after a very public feud with the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which he called a “Woke” corporation, after the company opposed the controversial bill DeSantis approved, commonly referred to by opponents as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
  • For more on this development, watch our LPTV News Update analyzing the day’s events:

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