Disney Wins 2 SXSW Audience Awards for “Flamin’ Hot” and “The Luckiest Guy in the World”

Audience Award winners for the 31st SXSW Film & TV Festival were announced today, with Disney taking home two awards for the Searchlight Pictures film Flamin’ Hot and the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary series The Luckiest Guy in the World.

(SXSW/Searchlight Pictures/ESPN)

(SXSW/Searchlight Pictures/ESPN)

What’s Happening:

  • The Walt Disney Company just received two SXSW Film & TV Festival Audience Awards.
  • During the festival, audience members were given the opportunity to vote for the project they just screened, which is how these awards were distributed.
  • Audience Award Winners were certified by Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP.
  • The Searchlight Pictures film Flamin’ Hot directed by Eva Longoria won in the Headliners category.
  • ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series The Luckiest Guy in the World won in the TV Premieres category.
  • A complete list of SXSW Film & TV Festival Audience Award winners can be found below.

2023 SXSW Film & TV Festival Audience Award Winners:

  • HEADLINERS Audience Award Winner: Flamin' Hot
    • Director: Eva Longoria, Producer: DeVon Franklin, Screenwriters: Linda Yvette Chávez, Lewis Colick
  • NARRATIVE FEATURE COMPETITION (presented by Panavision) Audience Award Winner: Mustache
    • Director/Screenwriter: Imran J. Khan, Producers: Christina Won, Jessica Sittig, Christopher Storer, Tyson Bidner
  • DOCUMENTARY FEATURE COMPETITION (presented by ACE91) Audience Award Winner: Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life
    • Director/Producer: Dan Covert, Screenwriters: Erik Auli, Dan Covert, Amy Dempsey, Tara Rose Stromberg
  • NARRATIVE SPOTLIGHT Audience Award Winner: The Long Game
    • Director: Julio Quintana, Producers: Javier Chapa, Ben Howard, Marla Quintana, Dennis Quaid, Laura Quaid, Screenwriters: Julio Quintana, Jennifer C. Stetson, Paco Farias
  • DOCUMENTARY SPOTLIGHT Audience Award Winner: The Herricanes
    • Director: Olivia Kuan, Producers: James Lee Hernandez, Brian Lazarte, Lisa France, James Short, Olivia Kuan, Justin Baldoni, Andrew Calof
  • VISIONS Audience Award Winner: Tobacco Barns
    • Director/Screenwriter: Rocío Mesa, Producers: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo
  • MIDNIGHTERS Audience Award Winner: It Lives Inside
    • Director: Bishal Dutta, Producers: Raymond Mansfield, Sean McKittrick, Screenwriters: Bishal Dutta, Ashish Mehta
  • GLOBAL (presented by MUBI) Audience Award Winner: Ek Jagah Apni
    • Directors: Ektara Collective, Producers: Ektara Collective, Lotus Visual Productions, Screenwriters: Rinchin, Maheen Mirza
  • 24 BEATS PER SECOND Audience Award Winner: Louder Than You Think
    • Director: Jed I. Rosenberg, Producers: Jeffrey Lewis Clark, Brian Thalken, Kelly Thomas, Screenwriters: Jed I. Rosenberg, Greg King
  • FESTIVAL FAVORITES Audience Award Winner: No Ordinary Campaign
    • Director: Christopher Burke, Producer: Tim Rummel, Christopher Burke
  • NARRATIVE SHORTS COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Closing Dynasty
    • Director/Screenwriter: Lloyd Lee Choi, Producers: Jon Hsu, Lloyd Lee Choi
  • DOCUMENTARY SHORTS COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó (Grandma & Grandma)
    • Director: Sean Wang, Producers: Sean Wang, Sam Davis
  • ANIMATED SHORTS COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Sandwich Cat
    • Director/Screenwriter: David Fidalgo, Producers: Daniel Rodriguez, Laura Doval, Gonzalo E. Veloso
  • MIDNIGHT SHORTS COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Dead Enders
    • Directors: Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker, Screenwriters: Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker, Jordan Michael Blake, Conor Murphy, Producers: Raven Jensen, Amanda Crown, Gregory Barnes, Conor Murphy, Nico Alvo, Jordan Michael Blake, Eduardo Ruiz-Healy
  • TEXAS SHORTS COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Breaking Silence
    • Directors: Amy Bench, Annie Silverstein, Producers: Monique Walton, Amy Bench
  • MUSIC VIDEO COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Drew Ashby – 'HER'
    • Directors: Chris Scholar, Bevin Brown, Producer: Bevin Brown
  • TV PREMIERES Audience Award Winner: The Luckiest Guy in the World
    • Director: Steve James, Producers: Zak Piper, Steve James
  • TV SPOTLIGHT Audience Award Winner: Blindspotting Season 2 Premiere
    • Showrunner: Rafael Casal, Directors: Rafael Casel, Jess Wu Calder, Producers: Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs, Jess Wu Calder, Keith Calder, Emily Gerson Saines, Ken Lee, Tim Palen
  • INDEPENDENT TV PILOT COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: Notarize Me
    • Director: Erika Rankin, Screenwriters/Producers: Erika Rankin, Brigitte Valdez
  • XR EXPERIENCE COMPETITION Audience Award Winner: JFK Memento
    • Director: Chloé Rochereuil, Producer: Victor Agulhon
  • XR EXPERIENCE SPOTLIGHT Audience Award Winner: MLK: Now is the Time
    • Director: Limbert Fabian, Producers: Matthew O’Rourke, Sulivan Parker, Screenwriter: Andrina Wekontash Smith
  • XR EXPERIENCE SPECIAL EVENTS Audience Award Winners (three-way tie):
    • Neo-Wulin: The Era of Black Ark
      • Director/Screenwriter: Guanyu, Producers: Chenchenchen, Bingbing Wang
    • Ristband
      • Directors: Anne McKinnon, Roman Rappak
    • Soundwaves: A Metaverse Music Concert
      • Directors: YOOM, Active Theory

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