Jen Walters Meets Her Match in First Look at “She-Hulk #14”

It seems like Jennifer Walters is finally going to meet her match in the upcoming “She-Hulk #14.” Marvel shared a first look at the new comic.

  • Across “She-Hulk (2022)” so far, Jen has joined a new law firm run by her frenemy Mallory Book, fought off some mad scientists who wanted to use her blood to create "the perfect Hulk," and fallen for her ex-Avengers teammate Jack of Hearts, among other things.
  • However, during their tangle with those mad scientists, Jack's nearly uncontrollable radiation absorption powers came back in force—meaning they can no longer touch without him inadvertently siphoning off her gamma powers. That does put a damper on a budding romance.
  • Enter Scoundrel. Ever since She-Hulk first encountered him breaking into the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building, she's been engaged in a dangerous dance that ends with a robbery every single time. While this thief has more than enjoyed their matchups, Jen has grown steadily more frustrated with the mystery man… and a little intrigued, despite herself.
  • Now, in “She-Hulk (2022) #14″ by Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet, she will finally discover the secret history of the Scoundrel.
  • In a special first look at “She-Hulk #14,” the Scoundrel surprises Jen at her apartment by parking a massive, floating vehicle right outside her window. When he extends his hand to her, she takes it—and despite her obvious hesitation, he looks thrilled that she does. He soon welcomes her inside with some wine and cheese, and their attraction to one another becomes clear as their faces draw closer and closer together.
  • Will the Scoundrel sweep She-Hulk off her feet? Find out in “She-Hulk #14,” on sale June 28. And get a sneak peek of the comic below: