First Look at “Daredevil & Echo #2” Sees the Duo Taking on the Demagoblin

Earlier this week, the new "Daredevil & Echo” series by Taboo, B. Earl, and Phil Noto saw the two titular crime fighters reunite to investigate a sinister threat brewing beneath Hell’s Kitchen. Today, Marvel shared a first look at the upcoming second issue.

  • In this week’s "Daredevil & Echo #1,” the duo’s paths crossed as they followed the trail of an organ-stealing serial killer. This leads them to a church, where they were ambushed by none other than the evil Demagoblin.
  • A special first look at "Daredevil & Echo #2″ shows the heroic duo facing off against the Demagoblin in a fiery double-page spread.
  • Daredevil launches into the air, wielding his billy clubs, while Echo gets ready to strike. Gliding on the back of a skeleton, Demagoblin grabs Daredevil by the horns and slams him to the ground on the following page.
  • Then, Daredevil and Echo wander the streets of New York City until an explosive crisis demands their attention once more.
  • Get your first look at what’s next for "Daredevil & Echo” in this preview for issue #2 below:

  • Stay tuned for more news about “Daredevil & Echo” and be sure to pick up the next issue of their team-up series on June 28.