The Orlando Sentinel reports that, late Sunday evening, Amanda Soto — wife of Congressman Darren Soto — was arrested at Disney Springs for disorderly intoxication. Soto is said to have been with her mother on the West Side of Disney Springs when Orange County Deputy Cory Heller noticed Soto, “holding … her mother by the straps of the backpack she was wearing in an attempt to keep her from walking away.” Heller said the two appeared to be intoxicated and he assisted in them in calling an Uber so they could return home. According to the report, Soto began yelling profanities at Heller and the driver. Soto was handcuffed and escorted to police car where she banged her head on the car window and was further restrained fo her safety. She was booked in jail late Sunday night and was freed on bond.

Soto’s husband released a statement saying that his wife has been under treatment for depression and had stopped taking medication “in accordance with her treatment plan and under her doctor’s [supervision].’’ The Congressman continued saying, “Yesterday, she drank too much and reached an argumentative state with a family member, which led to arrest. She deeply regrets her actions and takes full responsibility for them. Amanda and her physician will be reviewing her mental health treatment, immediately.’’



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