Well it’s been fun, folks! Yesterday ended our 5th annual Mouse Madness tournament, with our champion taking home the title of best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…so far. You’ve faithfully voted and let your voices be heard, and ultimately you’ve selected this group of individuals as our champions:

Beating out Civil War in the final match up of 2018, Guardians of the Galaxy can now proudly claim the title: The Best Film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…so far! We love this group of mismatched weirdos and their crazy antics. They might not be the smartest individuals, but they sure are brave. Even with the odd stacked up against them, and only 12% of a plan, this five-some stepped in front of Ronan the Destroyer to prevent him from wiping out an entire planet. And they acquired an Infinity Stone along the way! “Come and Get Your Love,” Guardians, because we the fans of the MCU think you’re pretty stellar.

Thank you to everyone who came by to voted for their favorites during Mouse Madness. Come back and visit us soon as we’ll keep you updated with the latest news from Marvel and more.



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