Review – Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark: Down” on Hulu

From the sinister minds that brought you The Purge, Happy Death Day and Paranormal Activity, comes the new Hulu original horror series Into the Dark, which turns every holiday into a complete nightmare.

The new horror anthology series will feature different actors in each episode, with a new episode being released each month focusing on a holiday from that month.

The fifth episode in the series is titled “Down,” and it will make you think twice the next time you’re about to get in an elevator. “Down” focuses on a two strangers who get stuck in an elevator together as they try to leave their office building for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

I’m a fan of suspenseful thrillers but not necessarily a fan of horror. Blumhouse has created many nightmares that have cost me hours of sleep, this is not one of them.

In fact, “Down” never really got me on the edge of my seat or made me uncomfortable like the previous episodes of Into the Dark. It was a bit too predictable to really create any suspense. About 20 minutes in, I was able to see exactly how almost everything was going to play out. As I mentioned in my review of the last episode, “New Year, New You,” suspense was the one thing you could count on this series providing. For me, it just wasn’t there with “Down.”

With that being said, I still found it to be pretty entertaining. I know, it sounds like I’m flip-flopping, but I enjoyed “Down” for different reasons from the previous episodes. The chemistry between Natalie Martinez and Matt Lauria, who play Jennifer and Guy respectively, is more than enough to keep you interested in their story. That nervous, uncomfortable energy that is typically present in an episode of this series is replaced with a fun, awkward one.

Without going into too much detail on their performances, for fear of letting any spoilers slip, Martinez and Lauria did a fantastic job, for two people who were literally acting in a box.

There really isn’t much more I can say about “Down” without spoiling it. For a comparison though, this episode leans much closer to “The Body” than any of the other episodes, creating a sort of cheesy, fun energy out of an otherwise incredibly dark situation.

I can say, while there is not an abundance of gore in this episode, there was one scene where I had to look away. Don’t worry, like the rest of the story, you’ll see it coming long before it happens.

Overall, I would say “Down” is worth checking out if you want that light-hearted, cheesy slasher kind of horror. If you’re looking for suspense, maybe check out one of the previous episodes. “Pooka!” is still the king of the Into the Dark series so far.

“Down” premieres on Hulu on February 1, with subsequent episodes of Into the Dark coming each month for a full year. Be sure to check out our review of the last episode, “New Year, New You” and check back for more reviews of this new Hulu original as I try to help you decide if each episode will cost you hours of sleep.

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