Three years ago, the popular toy company LEGO released a Minifigure series devoted entirely to Disney characters, and since then fans have been clamoring for more. Luckily, this month LEGO’s Disney Minifigure Series 2 hit store shelves, and the character selection and design is nearly perfect.

In the video below, I open and review all eighteen minifigures in this set, examining their appearance, accessories, and authenticity to their source materials– specifically Disney’s DuckTales, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Incredibles, Hercules, Frozen, and Mickey and Friends.

Watch LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 2 Unboxing / Review:

Now let’s take an up-close look at each individual minifigure included in the series. First up we’ve got Dewey Duck from DuckTales with a slingshot and his blue cap.

Next is Queen Elsa from Frozen, who comes with a translucent snowflake and a sparkly lined cape.

Third is Frozen’s Princess Anna, accompanied by a lantern and a cape to keep her warm in the snow. Both Anna and Elsa have alternate “winking” faces.

Here’s Frozone from The Incredibles, complete with his sled and two fireable ice blasts.

Fifth is another DuckTales minifigure: Huey Duck, with the famous Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook!

Also from The Incredibles is Edna Mode, who comes with a coffee cup and her “Mode”-branded purse. Her face can be turned to either a scowling or smiling side.

Up next is Chip with an acorn.

Our eighth figure is Black & White Mickey Mouse, who differs slightly from the version that came with the LEGO Ideas “Steamboat Willie” building set due to the shade of his hat and pants.

Hades from Hercules is a really cool minifigure, with two flames and very unique head and leg sculpts.

My personal most-anticipated minifigure of this series had to be Scrooge McDuck as depicted in the 1980s DuckTales animated series. Uncle Scrooge comes with his cane and of course his lucky Number One Dime.

Much like her beloved Mickey, Black & White Minnie Mouse has a couple slight differences from her “Steamboat Willie” version– her skirt and flower are less shiny.

Dale is oddly colored, as he is usually the same tone as Chip in the old Walt Disney Studios cartoon shorts, in the parks, and even in the “Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Cartoon.” I’m not sure why LEGO chose to change him in this way, except to possibly differentiate him from his friend. Dale comes with a bag of nuts.

Jafar from Aladdin is one of the cooler figures in this set, and he joins the title character and Genie minifigures that were released in the previous series. Jafar comes with his cobra-headed staff, pointy shoulder piece, and a red-and-black cape.

Continuing the Aladdin theme, Jasmine is accompanied by her pet bird.

Hercules is sporting is sword, shield, and a blue cloak. He also has an alternate smiling face.

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is very well detailed and comes with a dead plant and flower attachment.

The final minifigure from DuckTales, Louie Duck, has a flashlight for adventuring!

And finally, The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington is sure to be among the most sought-after minifigures in this series. Jack comes with his bat bowtie, cloth tail piece, and a gift box containing snowflakes.

All told, LEGO’s Disney Minifigures Series 2 has a wonderful selection of characters, and each figure is very well designed, other than the minor nitpick I have with Dale’s coloring. Most Disney fans are going to want to get their hands on this entire set, which is available now at LEGO retail stores and other outlets, in addition to LEGO’s shop-at-home website.