The Magic Kingdom may not be getting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge like its little brother Disneyland is, but it is still getting lots of love as it heads towards the 50th anniversary. Starting right at the TTC the tram drop off, the area is getting some much-needed work to help with flow after the security relocations last year.

The other major change to the area is the removal of the Walk Around the World bricks. Disney announced the removal a few months ago and now with all the pending work at TTC it has begun.

Once you’ve crossed over the Seven Seas Lagoon, you’ll notice that the Walt Disney Railroad Main Street Station is not very active.

With the construction of the TRON themed coaster in Tomorrowland (more on that in a bit), the trains are unable to run. So, instead of being parked at the round house, one is left to welcome guests and provide a rare chance to get a unclose look at the steel giant.

As we are in the “slow period” before summer breaks kick in around the US, guests are able to get a photo with Roy and Minnie in Town Square before the statue is relocated during the busy times of the year.

Heading into Adventureland, the iconic spitting camel has been out for refurbishment for a few months, but Cast Members have said it will be back soon.

Throughout the parks, new Guest Experience Team spots have been set up to assist guests with any questions they may have including digital wait time boards and, in the case of the Adventureland spot, “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” card trading.

Something new that recently popped up was construction walls around Tortuga Tavern. Even though this is a seasonal quick serve location, it has sat very much the same for the past few years, so hopefully the work going on will be something to help expand it to a year-round eatery again.

Fantasyland is getting a much-needed pathway expansion between the castle and Liberty Square. During any of the shows or parades, this small path would look as busy as the rest of the park on New Year’s Eve, so hopefully this will help alleviate some of the congestion.

Also in Fantasyland, the Castle Couture shop is getting some TLC. Over the past few years, each of the main buildings has been getting touched up and this is one of the last.

One of the strangest things spotted in the land of fantasy is a new cover over the Sword in the Stone. Only used now by the Royal Majesty Makers troupe a few times a day, it had been removed for a few months. But, since its return, it has been covered most likely due to guests trying their hardest to pull Excalibur from the stone and be King of the realm.

Moving into the land always on the move, the Tomorrowland Speedway is still down till May 18th after some adjustments to the track for the TRON themed coaster being built.

There is also a new color scheme taking over Tomorrowland with bright pastel colors replacing the pale whites and blues of old.

The big news is that construction for the TRON coaster has gone vertical and will soon start to loom over the back of the land.

As a TRON fan myself, I see many Peoplemover rides in my future watching this amazing coaster grow over the next few years.

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