The “Quick Bite Review” will be a new series of food reviews as we are strolling through the park and come across a new or “new to us” food or drink item — such as the Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired items that arrived at Epcot this week. Today, we bring you a tasty treat from the continent of Africa, by way of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: the Most Beautiful Cake from Harambe Market! Inspired by “You Are Most Beautiful” this could be one of the first items that guests are urged to share and not only that add in the hashtag #harambemarket to make sure everyone knows where to find it.

The “Walls of Disney” has been a hot Instagram trend for a couple of years and, while this is not the first treat to be themed after one — who can forget the Purple Wall shake or even the #shareyourears wall that had a giant Mickey Premium Bar on it? — this one by far seems to be the most ambitious so far. But enough of the words lets see what our guest reporter Sunni thinks and if it lives up to the rest of the Instagramable treats.


The flower was just straight colored sugar and the vines are carrot flavored royal icing. It’s a gelatin coconut cake that tastes exactly like Snoball snacks.The Pineapple nougat and coconut cake base make it a delicious dessert to compliment any entree from Harambe Market at an equally delicious price of $4.99.

Harambe Market is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom so you need a ticket to enjoy this dessert. And while you are there, make sure you stop by Restaurantosaurus for their new offerings. What do you think of the new trend of food and drinks based on Disney Walls and which would you like to see next? Leave us a comment below or start a conversation with us on one of our social media platforms.

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