Hello and welcome to Laughing Place’s weekly recap of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Resistance from Lucasfilm Animation. The newest episode, entitled “Breakout,” picks up where last week’s left off– with Jarek Yeager (voiced by actor Scott Lawrence), Synara San (Nazneen Contractor), and droid CB-23 having been taken into captivity by bounty hunter Ax Tagrin (Joe Manganiello).

Commander Pyre (Liam McIntyre) calls Tagrin via communicator and tells him to bring his prisoners to the main hangar on Varkana, while the planet’s citizens scramble as the First Order arrives. Meanwhile, Resistance spies Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean) and Norath Kev (Daveed Diggs) see their friends being taken away. Kaz thinks Ax had intentionally let the distress beacon from last episode get out to lure more Resistance fighters into his trap. After landing, Pyre orders his troops to secure the perimeter around the hangar, and Tagrin promises to capture the remaining targets.

Agent Tierney (Sumalee Montano) takes Yeager and Synara to question them about the Colossus’s location. In space, Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) powers down the refueling station and hides in a rather convenient storm of electrical interference, though he says he may have to jump away if the away team takes too long returning. Pyre commands Lieutenant Galek (Christine Dunford) to find the Colossus and has stormtroopers working to decrypt CB-23’s memory core.

Kaz comes up with a plan to incapacitate two stormtroopers and steal their armor, but (of course) accidentally topples over a bowl of fruit and alerts them to his and Norath’s location. They have to hide in a local merchant’s apartment, holding their hands over the innocent bystander’s mouth until the troopers blast open the door. Kaz and Norath manage to get the jump on them, knocking them out. Once they’ve donned the armor, they head toward the hangar, but Ax overhears them on his scanner.Tierney tortures Yeager and Synara, saying Tamara (who does not appear in this episode) betrayed them to the First Order. When Tierney leaves, the two try to come up with a plan to escape.

On the outskirts of town, Ax finds the shuttle our heroes arrived in and calls up to the Colossus. Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco) answers the call, believing it to be from Kaz, but her father cuts off the transmission after no one responds. Tagrin had run a signal trace on the Colossus, and Pryde immediately orders the station’s destruction. Captain Doza wants to jump away into hyperspace, but Torra argues that she and the Ace Pilots should stay behind to wait for Kaz. On-planet and still in disguise, Kaz and Norath fall in with a battalion of stormtroopers and arrive at the hangar, where they are immediately discovered by Pryde, who Kaz reflexively stuns with his blaster.

CB escapes from his restraints and immobilizes Tierney, while Kaz and Norath rescue Yeager and Synara. The gang reunites and call up to the Colossus, but there is no response. They head back to the shuttle to find Ax waiting for them. The group runs out of the ship and have CB lock the door behind them, but Tagrin tears his way out and confronts our protagonists. After a brief skirmish, CB takes control of the shuttle and slams it into the bounty hunter, disabling him. Pyre arrives and fires on the shuttle as it escapes with the crew aboard. TIE Fighters enter the atmosphere and lock onto the shuttle, but the Ace Pilots show up at the last second to defend it before it is blasted out of the sky.

When the shuttle enters orbit, it comes face-to-face with the First Order star destroyer, but the Colossus jumps back in to gather its wayward crew members and the disappears again once everyone is on board. In the hold, Neeku (Josh Brener) is surprised to find Kaz wearing stormtrooper armor again. Norath asks Kaz to come with him and help the Resistance, but Kaz says he’s not ready to leave his friends just yet. They head to Aunt Z’s for a drink. I was almost expecting this episode to end with another cliffhanger, but the (perhaps temporary) addition of Norath to the crew is interesting enough.

Next week: “The Mutiny”