It’s a fascinating time for the Star Wars franchise. In the wake of the recently completed sequel trilogy created under Lucasfilm’s current owner Disney, we look ahead to an all-new era of storytelling and fresh adventures in A Galaxy Far, Far Away. With that in mind, lifelong fan Mike Celestino has stepped up to become Laughing Place’s Editorial Director for all things Star Wars. He’s also launching a new weekly podcast called “Who’s the Bossk?” in addition to writing this post in the third person, for some reason.

In “Who’s the Bossk?” Mike sits down with a different guest each week to discuss a variety of Star Wars topics and headlines, keeping up with the goings-on in his favorite space opera epic, which he calls the “center of [his] pop-culture universe.” Our first episode launched today and features guest David Murto, recipient of the prestigious Golden Raspberry Award for his work on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. In this pilot installment recorded last week, Mike and David talk about the past, present and future of Star Wars, while David pitches some of his ideas for live-action Disney+ series and Mike lists off a bunch of upcoming comic books.

In future episodes of “Who’s the Bossk? – A Star Wars Podcast from Laughing Place” we’ll be covering the highly anticipated Project Luminous initiative from Lucasfilm Publishing, the return of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series on Disney+, and the ongoing effort to keep Star Wars in the cultural zeitgeist between theatrical movie releases.

“Who’s the Bossk?” is coming soon to iTunes and Google, but the first episode is already available to listen in the below playlist or by subscribing via RSS feed.

"I already spend a good deal of my time, both professionally and in my personal life, talking about Star Wars with friends and colleagues… so this podcast is more like turning on a microphone in my living room for an hour a week,” said Mike Celestino in a statement. “My intent is for it to be conversational and free-flowing, but I also want to keep up with whatever happens to be going on in the world of Star Wars at any given time. I'm very excited for the future of this franchise, and I can't wait to express that passion on a regular basis over the digital airwaves."

“Who’s the Bossk?” will be released on a weekly basis here at and (eventually) wherever you download podcasts.