Inspired by the YouTube cooking show, Eat the Universe, Insight Editions is releasing an official cookbook with dozens of unique recipes that Marvel fans will love. But the fun doesn’t stop there. BoxLunch has introduced several exclusives themed to the cookbook that will enhance your journey across the culinary multiverse!

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Marvel Eat the Universe BoxLunch Exclusives

The Marvel Eat The Universe: The Official Cookbook is about to make its way to store shelves and all experienced and wannabe chefs can start eating like their favorite Marvel characters. BoxLunch wanted in on the excitement and has already launched a fun collection of attire, kitchen essentials, and cookware themed to the Eat the Universe cookbook and series.

Official Cookbook

Chef Justin Warner uses his super culinary skills to create an amazing array of exciting recipes that are all themed to the Marvel universe.

Meals and Groceries Notepad

Hone your super memory by writing things down! Never forget what’s next on the weekly meal plan (and what to pick up at the store) with this handy notepad.

Waffle Makers

Sweet or savory, Marvel waffles just taste better than the competition.

Slow Cooker

The slow cooker might be the ultimate kitchen hero. You add the ingredients, and slow cooker here goes to work making a delicious dinner while you focus on other important things, like your own super powers!


Your favorite foods and Marvel characters come together on these comfortable t-shirts.

Kitchen Essentials

Handle the heat of the kitchen like a pro with this colorful collection. Patterned mitts, aprons and towels feature Marvel icons reimagined as the delicious snacks you’re about to make.

Serve it Up

Whether entertaining for friends or enjoying some time to yourself, your meal times can be a lot more fun with these Eat the Universe sets.