Boba Fett and Darth Maul: two of the most famous villains in Star Wars history. And now fans can pick up new 7” action figures of both iconic characters exclusively from shopDisney.

In the video below, I unbox and review both the Darth Maul and Boba Fett figures from this new collection from Diamond Select Toys, which is one inch taller in scale than Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Black Series, and just as impressively detailed.

Watch Star Wars Boba Fett and Darth Maul shopDisney / Diamond Select Toys action figures unboxing / review:

Boba Fett, perhaps the most recognizable bounty hunter from the ongoing Star Wars saga, comes equipped here with his blaster rifle, alternate hands for gripping weapons, a removable blaster bolt, and removable flames for his jetpack and flamethrower. The paint applications on Fett’s Mandalorian armor are top-notch, with every detail in place including the Mythosaur logo on his left shoulder and the dent in his helmet. Fett looks awesome whether in an action pose or simply hanging back and waiting for a fight to break out in Jabba’s Palace.

Darth Maul comes packaged with his double-bladed red lightsaber, which can be split in two halves just like in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. There are also alternate blades with “motion blur” to make it look like you freeze-framed just as Maul is striking his opponent, plus two sets of alternate hands for when he’s not holding a weapon (closed fists and open fists) and a deflected green blaster bolt for when he’s up against a ranged enemy. Obviously Maul’s entire costume is black, so there’s no paint detailing there, but the tattoos on his face look very nice and screen-accurate. Also, check out that menacing grin. Look out, Qui-Gon Jinn!

To purchase these great-looking new Star Wars action figures, be sure to visit the official shopDisney pages for Diamond Select Toys’ Boba Fett and Darth Maul.