Toy Review: Disney Princess Comfy Squad Castle, Sweet Treats Truck and Dolls by Hasbro

Audiences were delighted by the Disney Princesses cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet where they let their hair down and got cozy with Vanellope von Schweetz. Now the fun continues with Hasbro’s Disney Princess Comfy Squad dolls and playsets. Hasbro sent us a big box of free products for review, some of which we saw earlier this year at Toy Fair.

Three Disney Princess Comfy Squad fashion dolls were inside and we got Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel. This new wave of dolls come in different outfits from the ones seen in the film and Hasbro also sells separate outfits they can change into. They have lots of fun story details within each. My favorite is Tiana’s sweater dress, which features the frog prince from the children’s book she and Charlotte read as kids in The Princess and the Frog. Her purple leggings also have glittery golden crowns on them. Each of these dolls retails for $12.99 and other characters in the line include Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora. You can also get the entire first wave of dolls in their looks from Ralph Breaks the Internet in an Amazon exclusive box set.

Vanellope has invited her fellow princesses into the world of her video game “Sugar Rush.” First up is Cinderella’s Sweet Scooter which features an exclusive Cinderella doll, her Vespa-style scooter and stickers. The doll has her hair in a ponytail and comes with a helmet that also fits in a storage box under the scooter’s seat. She’s wearing a racing jacket with light pink frosting dripping off the shoulders over a sparkly dress and transparent glass sneakers. The set comes with a sticker pack so kids can customize her scooter. The stickers are a lot of fun, including sayings like “Bibbidi Bobbidi Beep,” “My other ride is a pumpkin,” and the “Sugar Rush” logo and candy with faces. This doll and vehicle retails for $29.99.

The Disney Princess Comfy Squad loved their time in Sugar Rush so much that they started their own business with the Sweet Treats Truck. This playset looks like it’s made out of candy with peppermint wheels and a pretzel steering wheel. Open it up and the Princesses can serve stackable ice cream cones, spin cotton candy, and offer up delicious smoothies. The inside of the food truck has lots of fun details and character nods. The roof of the truck is an ice cream sandwich that becomes a picnic table when you take it off where Princesses can sit on chocolate bars and enjoy their confections.

After a day of racing in Sugar Rush and enjoying goodies from the Sweet Treats Food Truck, the Disney Princess Comfy Squad need a home to return to. That’s where the Comfy Castle comes in, the most deluxe playset for these dolls to live in. It retails for $99.99.

Standing 3-feet-tall, the Comfy Castle comes in a compact box and assembly is done by snapping pieces together and applying a few decals. An adult will need to be available to help kids because snapping the pieces together requires some fine motor strength.

The Comfy Castle features lots of cozy places for the Disney Princess Comfy Squad to hang out, relax, and get ready for their next meet & greet with their adoring fans.

A long couch is extra roomy for Belle to enjoy a stack of books and some potato chip snacks.

Tiana and Cinderella love chatting and sharing treats in a seashell armchair and beanbag chair.

Rapunzel’s long hair means she needs a little extra time to get ready at the mirror.

And when it’s time to change, the Disney Princess Comfy Squad can open the wardrobe to hang up their Disney Princess gowns (which you would get from other Disney Princess Hasbro dolls). The wardrobe could also be used to store their additional Comfy Squad outfits mentioned above.

The entire Disney Princess Comfy Squad collection from Hasbro is a fun way to extend a child’s love of Disney Princess characters beyond their original films in a modern way that still stays true to their character integrity. All of these items are now available just in time for the holiday season.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing these free products for the purpose of this review.