This year’s visit to Hasbro during Toy Fair was full of big reveals from Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series, but the most magical corner of their showfloor belongs to the royals. I’m talking about the Disney Princesses, where new and exciting levels of play are being developed to keep these classic characters in the hearts and minds of future generations. Here’s a showcase of everything we discovered from classic Disney Princesses to the worlds of Frozen 2 and beyond.

Disney Princess

Disney Style Series

Hasbro graciously allowed us to be the first to share the news about the Disney Style Series last summer, a collectable line where classic Disney Princesses are reimagined in modern fashions. The collection expands this spring with the addition of Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Aurora. Click here for our review of wave 1, including Ariel, Mulan, and Belle. Rapunzel is currently available for pre-order from WalMart.

Disney Princess Comfy Squad

Last year, Hasbro unveiled a line of Disney Princess dolls based on their comfy fashions from Ralph Breaks the Internet (click here for our review). This year, the fun continues with Disney Princess Comfy Squad, a new line of dolls in new fashions coming soon to WalMart. Best of all, they will sell additional outfits separately so you can expand their wardrobe! Pre-orders are now available for Ariel, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel.

The Disney Princesses will also enter the world of Sugar Rush with Vanellope, like this Cinderella doll with a cute scooter that she can race in the game. Don’t forget her helmet!

The Sweet Treats Truck allows you to take the comfy Princesses on the road in a sweet little camper. Open it up and the roof transforms into a picnic table made of an ice cream sandwich and chocolate bars!

Disney Princess

Sticking to the core brand of classic characters, kids are still able to get each Princess in her most glittery of dresses as part of the traditional playline.

Ariel and Cinderella are coming in the “Style Surprise” series where kids get to unbox extra surprises within each doll. They’re wearing a cardboard skirt in the package that has to be peeled away in pieces to reveal additional goodies. There are nine surprises in each package.

Cinderella and Belle will each receive playsets this year, like Cinderella’s outdoor tea cart and Belle’s kitchen, which comes with Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Looking for even more magic? Glitter n’ Glow Ariel has a tail full of glitter water. Press the button on her waist to activate a spectacular light show effect.

The Gem Collection continues with wave 4 of mystery figures in gem display cases.

The Royal Clips line also continues this year with a Rainbow Collection of princesses with clip-on removable skirts and two-packs that pair a princess with her prince, perfect for the youngest Disney Princess fans.

Disney Princess Comics

The Disney Princess Comics Minis line expands this year with a new wave of blind bag figures, new themed character sets, and new palaces that includes some less common characters, like Max from The Little Mermaid and Bruno from Cinderella. There’s also a pack featuring the Comfy Squad.


Excitement is high for the live-action adaptation of Mulan, coming to theaters March 27th. Hasbro has a Mulan fashion doll called the Two Reflections Set that features her warrior gear and her matchmaker outfit. Kids who want to play with Mulan’s new enemy can get the two-pack which features Mulan in her warrior gear and Xianniang, the witch from the film.

Step into Mulan’s shoes with this role play Warrior Bow from Nerf with eight darts.

If you prefer the animated Mulan, Hasbro also has an action doll called Warrior Moves Doll in turquoise armor inspired by the 1998 version.

Frozen 2

The Frozen 2 fun continues well into 2020 with new toys arriving in advance of the end of year holiday season.

Singing Dolls

Hasbro released singing dolls of Anna and Elsa already, singing “The Next Right Thing” and “Into the Unknown.” The fun expands this year with singing dolls in their queen outfits, with this version of Anna singing “Some Things Never Change” and Elsa singing “Show Yourself.” Another set features singing Queen Iduna, who sings “All is Found,” who comes with young Anna and Elsa.

Discovery Elsa

This magical Elsa doll is in her outfit from when she crossed the Dark Sea with the Nokk. Raise her right arm to activate her icy powers with lights and sounds.

Dress Design Elsa

Kids can add creativity to their Frozen 2 play with this queen Elsa doll in a vinyl dress. It comes with clinging stickers that are easy to remove, plus a marker and stencils. When you want to remove the markings, simply wipe with a wet cloth to start all over again.

Walk & Talk Olaf

Animatronic “The Child” stole Walk & Talk Olaf’s thunder, but this figure is an adorable interactive toy that kids are going to lose their minds over this winter. With over thirty sounds and phrases, Olaf proceeds forward in the direction you point him. But if he bumps into anything, he backs up and turns, just like in the film, before continuing forward in a new direction.

Fire Spirit’s Snowy Snack

Bruny, the adorable salamander, gets a new interactive toy this spring with the Fire Spirit’s Snowy Snack toy. He glows red and makes wild noises when he’s energized. Place one of the included snowflakes in his mouth and he swallows it, calming down and glowing blue before making peaceful sounds. This is another toy that I expect to be a big hit this year.

Pop Adventures

The Pop Adventures line expands this year with a new wave of mystery figures in elemental crystals. Three new playsets will also be added to the line, including Elsa’s Northuldra bedroom with a magical changing crystal closet where kids can press a button to rotate figures inside to make it seem like Elsa’s dress magically changed in a second.

Arendelle Castle Playset

One item that you don’t have to wait for is the Arendelle Castle playset that fits the dolls. It includes a colorful light show effect and a rising balcony.


Toy Story 25th Anniversary Mr. Potato Head

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Pixar’s Toy Story and Hasbro is celebrating with their character Mr. Potato Head, including a line of mini Mr. Potato Heads dressed as your favorite Toy Story characters.

Tiger Retro Handheld Games

Lastly, Hasbro is re-releasing four classic hand-held games from the early 1990’s including one I had as a kid from The Little Mermaid.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at everything Hasbro had on display from the worlds of Disney Princess, Frozen 2, and beyond at Toy Fair this year. For more Toy Fair coverage, be sure to visit



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