First Impressions of Star on Disney+ (in Canada)

Before I discuss my first reactions to Star on Disney+, I must state that I live in Canada and what I experience might be different from what other people are seeing on their version of Star.

Star has promised to be the outlet for international markets that Disney+ consumers can access the more adult content of the Disney vault. This long list of content from movies to television comes from the Disney labels of Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and ABC.

While Star expands on the main menu once you log into Disney+, the over all tile is divided into eighteen sub categories which are Featured, Adult Animation, Romantic Comedies, Drama Series, Critically Acclaimed, Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Movies, Horror, Science Fiction, Musicals, Crime and Mystery Stories, Action Comedies, Westerns, Military Action and Adventure, Celebrate Black Stories, Documentaries, and Bingeable Series.

These eighteen new subcategories offer a lot of content for Disney+ subscribers in foreign markets. With the inclusion of the Star tile, the content is not just confined to the one section of the streaming service. Content is mixed throughout Disney+ which provides easier access for everyone.

Parents will need to be on their game if they wish to keep their children from watching Deadpool, Alien, and Predator. The addition of Star brings parental controls that will help families restrict the content children view. As I set the parental controls for my kids, all I had to do was log out of the app and log back in. When I did that, the app allowed me to change the rating for each profile on the service. The downside is that you only get two options for control. You can enable each profile to access content that is rated TV-MA or restrict profiles to the TV-14 rating. While I restricted my children to the TV-14 rating, my wife and I had to create a pin number to access the TV-MA content on our profiles. Each time you wish to login to your profile, you will need to input your pin number, so choose something that you will remember.

The massive injection of content to Disney+ is going to keep me busy for months to come. While I was searching the app I recognized many of the titles that I knew would be there and was pleasantly surprised to see titles that I wanted to see for years. Now I can finally revisit Mission to Mars or ride with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Star is a great leap forward for Disney+. Not having access to Hulu has kept me from incredible films and original shows and Star closes that gap for this Canadian fan and for subscribers around the world.

The Star tile is now open on Disney+ streaming services in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and parts of Europe.

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