Marvel’s new animated series What If…? has finally arrived on Disney+ and fans are loving this new take on their favorite characters’ stories. Hot Topic is getting in on the action with a collection of T-shirts and Hoodies featuring the show’s logo, the watcher, and of course Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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What If…?

Marvel’s biggest characters have new destinies within this series, and now you can wear shirts showcasing their different powers or contributions to the greater Marvel timeline.

If t-shirts aren’t your personal favorite style, there’s always the hoodie option! These designs are available across several styles so you mix and match with what best fits your wardrobe.

What If…We Make Fun of Marvel Characters?

Of course if you’d rather ponder some silly Marvel questions that have nothing to do with the Disney+ series, Hot Topic has you covered there too! Here are a few other “What If…?” shirts that we’ve secretly all been wondering about.