Explore Alternate Realities with Marvel’s “What If…? Funko Mystery Mini Figures

As the excitement surrounding Marvel’s What If…? continues to grow (season 2 is confirmed), Funko is bringing the heroic characters to life in a new way with their Mystery Mini figures. Available now for pre-order on Entertainment Earth, these miniature versions of Marvel’s icons are the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

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What If…? Funko Mystery Mini Figures – Entertainment Earth

From a zombie apocalypse and an epic party on Midgard, to Killmonger befriending Tony Stark, and Black Widow being the only survivor of the Avengers, Marvel’s What If…? explored some very interesting timelines. But this is just the beginning! Celebrate the first season of the animated series with this awesome assortment of Mystery Mini figures from Funko.

Marvel's What If Mystery Minis Random 4-Pack – $24.99

Marvel's What If Mystery Minis Display Case – $67.99 (​​12 individually blind bagged mini-figures)

The figures measure 2 1/2-inches tall and come packaged in blind boxes so you don’t know what you’ll get! Fans can purchase a 4-pack or a case of 12 to start or grow their collection. But that’s not all, some lucky fans might even discover a limited edition chase variant —an ultra-rare collectible randomly inserted throughout the production run.

Characters include: 

  • Captain Carter, T’Challa Star-Lord, Zombie Captain America, Vision Ultron
  • Gamora, Killmonger, Black Widow, Party Thor, Frost Giant Loki
  • Doctor Strange Supreme, Zombie Scarlet Witch, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, Uatu The Watcher

Good to Know:

  • Item selection is random.
  • Items are in blind packaging.
  • Entertainment Earth cannot accept requests for specific items, nor accept returns on opened items.
  • Customers may receive duplicates