Comic Review – “X Deaths of Wolverine #1” is a Seemingly Mistitled Exciting Moira MacTaggert Story

Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the history of Marvel Comics. Whether it’s his “I do what I want” attitude, his haunted past or just his really awesome metal claws, there’s a lot to like about this character. So you can bet a lot of Marvel fans are excited about his two ongoing titles right now.

After last week’s debut of “X Lives of Wolverine,” today marked the release of the first issue of “X Deaths of Wolverine.” Oddly, this series seems to tie in much more to what has been going on in the world of the mutants than it does to the other Wolverine series, and that creates some issues.

Moira MacTaggert has created some very dangerous enemies and now she is on the run. No longer a mutant, and now completely vulnerable to a number of threats both around her and inside her own body, survival has never been more important for Moira.

After recently escaping the crosshairs of Mystique and Destiny, she has returned home, but for how long? Moira is going to need to find a way to disappear and start a new life as someone else. Even if she can pull that off though, there’s not telling how long that life will be.

Meanwhile, back on Krakoa, something mysterious has arrived. An unlikely investigator finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time while Jean Grey and Charles Xavier continue their mission with Wolverine. A mysterious new arrival leaves a lot of questions for both these characters and readers.

When picking up a comic with the title “X Deaths of Wolverine” and a cover as epic as the one created by Adam Kubert (seen above), you might expect the comic to focus primarily on Wolverine. That is far from the case here though as this issue picks up where “Inferno” left off and follows the now human Moira MacTaggert.

In fact, the involvement of Wolverine is incredibly minimal in this first issue. To be honest, I can’t even be completely sure he’s involved at all. There are a lot of strange, time-travel type things happening in this story so it’s hard to say exactly who is who. One thing is for sure though – this is primarily a Moira MacTaggert story.

With that being said, it’s by no means a bad issue. Fans might be a bit mislead by the title but this is actually one of the better X-books in recent memory. Moira has become a very compelling character and a story of her on the run from one of the most notorious killers homo superior has to offer is a lot of fun to watch unfold.

We’re also left with a very interesting cliffhanger in this first issue. That doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise as it is serving as a setup for the larger story, but it certainly leaves us with a whole lot of questions. We’re going to have to wait and see what this issue means for Moira, Krakoa and for Wolverine.

You can check out “X Deaths of Wolverine #1” now.