Ranked: The Marvel Attractions in Domestic Theme Parks

There are few things relating to theme parks that are more bizarre than the rights to Marvel properties in the US. Whatever the specifics may be, we currently have four Marvel attractions in a Universal park on the east coast and two in a Disney park on the west coast.

And to make things more complicated, this summer, we’re going to get another attraction in a Disney Park on the east coast when Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opens in EPCOT. I’ll revisit this list and update it after I get to experience that new attraction, but for now we have six to rank. So here are my rankings of the six Marvel-themed attractions in US theme parks.

6. Storm Force Accelatron

Five of the attractions on this list are memorable, can’t-miss experiences. The other is Storm Force Accelatron. This somewhat hidden attraction is tucked back in a corner behind The Incredible Hulk Coaster in Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort. It’s very easily missed, but unless you’re a big fan of teacups, that’s not exactly a problem. This is simply a version of a classic theme park attraction with some added sound effects and powerful fans. Admittedly, if I was going to ride this sort of attraction, this would probably be the one, but there’s certainly a Marvel bias at play there.

5. Doctor Doom’s Fearfall

Now we get to the good stuff. Yes, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is a simple tower attraction and you’ve probably seen a version of this in your local amusement park. However, the overall experience goes far beyond just the short ride. From the moment you enter the park, you see Doom’s towers looming over Marvel Super Hero Island, much like the villain himself constantly looms over the Marvel Universe. The queue welcomes guests to the Latverian embassy where they can volunteer to be a subject of Doom’s experiments so he can harvest their fear. From the Doombots to the Fantastic Four-inspired pre show, there is a complete Marvel experience tied to this attraction. Plus, the tower itself is always a thrilling experience.

4. WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

The newest attraction on this list, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure is just a load of fun. One of the big difference-makers for this attraction is how well it blends into its surroundings in Avengers Campus. As soon as you enter the new land in Disney California Adventure, you become a part of a concise story that continues and expands with every element you experience. Stepping into the W.E.B. building, you feel as though you are touring this new facility with Peter Parker as your guide. Then, of course, you become a part of a web-slinging adventure in the only interactive attraction on this list. It may not be the most elaborate or exciting attraction, but it’s a lot of fun and the whole experience is very immersive. Plus, it’s quite a workout.

3. The Incredible Hulk Coaster

I’ll admit, I struggled with ranking this attraction. These days, if I had the choice between this and WEB SLINGERS, I would almost always choose the latter. That doesn’t change the fact though that this is one of the most, well, incredible roller coasters in the world. It is as intense as coasters get, fitting the theme of the Incredible Hulk to a tee. In my younger years, I would ride this coaster at least twice every time I visited Islands of Adventure. Now, one ride on this and I’m going to have to take some time to recover. If you’re a coasterhead, you absolutely cannot miss this one.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

When it comes to combining thrills and theming, it doesn’t get much better than Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! The true centerpiece of Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, this attraction lets you step into the fortress of the Collector to see his menagerie of creatures from all over the galaxy, including his latest addition: the Guardians of the Galaxy. I admit, I never got to experience the Tower of Terror in Disney California Adventure, but from what I can tell, this was an upgrade. The experience is wildly fun, thanks to Rocket’s recklessness and Star-Lord’s soundtrack. There are also a ton of Easter Eggs in the queue, with references to both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Parks.

1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

There was never any doubt in my mind. Numbers six and one on this list were very easy decisions to make. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man in Islands of Adventure is not just the best Marvel attraction, it’s the best attraction. Sure, that’s subjective but there is no denying that, when this attraction opened in 1999, it was an absolute game-changer. The combination of screens and live sets along with the way you’re moved through this wall-crawling story creates an experience that is likely to… stick with you. It’s a great attraction for anyone who is looking for that world-class theme park attraction that Universal is known to provide. However, it’s also an awesome experience for Marvel fans who get to see characters like Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, Electro and more. Plus, there are dozens of Marvel Easter Eggs, including Stan Lee cameos, Iron Man references and more.

What do you think of these rankings of the Marvel-themed attraction rankings? Be sure to check back for more rankings like this in the future.

Mike Mack
Mack is the Editorial Director for Marvel and ESPN content and he has covered comic cons, theme park events, video game showcases and other fun events. He is a fan of theme parks, sports, movies, Marvel Comics and is a self-proclaimed "nerd."