Photos: Universal Orlando’s Summer Tribute Store Merchandise

Universal Orlando opened their all-new Summer Tribute Store today, themed as the Tribute Theater, which is showcasing three classic Universal films: E.T., Jaws and Back to the Future. Let’s take a look at some of the merchandise available in the store.

The first room or “theater” is themed around Elliott’s bedroom from E.T. and smells very reminiscent of the attraction.

I believe these Loungefly bags and wallets are both new.

Each franchise featured has its own candle, crafted by Magic Candle Company. The E.T. one of course has a forest smell, just like the attraction.

There are two new create-your-own molds available in the store, the first being Jaws himself.

An excellent selection of Jaws-themed merchandise is available in the second theater.

As we enter the third theater, we’re greeted by the second create-your-own mold machine, this one being the Clock Tower from Back to the Future.

Lots of very 80’s looking Back to the Future merchandise is available.

The last theater is themed around a concession stand, and it’s where you can purchase some movie-themed snacks.

Two fun examples are this E.T. in a basket cake, and the Jaws cake below.

The final room additionally features some retro Universal Studios Florida and some other random movie items.

All of these movie posters are available to purchase.

Some new phone cases and Apple Watch bands were available to purchase and even customize.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our complete photo and video tour of the all-new Summer Tribute Store. If you’re visiting Universal Orlando, then be sure to check out the store, which is now open!

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