Photos/Video: “The Mandalorian Experience” Exhibit at Star Wars Celebration 2022

Star Wars Celebration 2022 is officially underway at the Anaheim Convention Center! Among the many surprises that have been revealed so far, while discussing the future of The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni announced that a special exhibit called “The Mandalorian Experience” would be available to Celebration attendees.

Throughout “The Mandalorian Experience,” guests will find props and costumes featured on the show — but, rather than place them all behind glass cases, many were placed into scenery that set the stage for how these items were used. For example, you might stumble upon a Tusken Raider camp or perhaps step into what was Bib Fortuna’s (and Jabba the Hutt’s before him) throne room. These were just some of several displays found throughout.

Elsewhere, there were a few things behind glass, such as some prop weapons from the show, some models used behind-the-scenes, and more.

For more from “The Mandalorian Experience,” be sure to check out our video at the top of this post. And, of course, stay tuned for much more from Star Wars Celebration 2022.