TV Recap – Jennifer Faces Off with a Reckless Magician in Fourth Episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”

Last week, we saw Jennifer Walters get attacked by the Wrecking Crew after winning her case for Emil Blonsky. Luckily for her, She-Hulk can handle herself against some low level street thugs. However, Jennifer is still coming to terms with what she is and her life is only about to get even crazier.

This week’s episode opens with a cheesy magic show, put on by a mediocre magician named Donny Blaze. Much was made about a potential Ghost Rider reference when a blurry sign featuring that name was seen in the background of a featurette recently. Unfortunately, we now know it was not “Johnny Blaze” on that sign.

With his act failing, Donny resorts to using a sling ring to open up a portal and send a volunteer through it. It’s unclear at the moment where he got the sling ring from, but he clearly has some grasp of the mystic arts. We then see Wong, sitting at home watching TV before being interrupted by Madysonn… Madisynn… the volunteer. She spoils The Sopranos for him and he vows to make Donny Blaze pay. Clearly, Wong is familiar with this cheap magician.

At home, Jennifer acknowledges that we just saw Wong and refers to his appearance as “giving the show Twitter armor for a week.” Her father enters to help her with security issues after she was attacked last week. She brushes it off and lets it slip that she didn’t even inform the police.

Later at work, Jen builds a dating profile using a professional headshot as Jen, rather than She-Hulk. She gets interrupted when Wong arrives to seek legal assistance. Wong explains the Donny Blaze situation and the danger of having an untrained person practicing the mystic arts. He revealed that he was briefly trained at Kamar-Taj but left before learning everything he needed to know. Looks like Jen has a new client.

Jen and Nikki work at the bar before getting hit on by some random guy. Nikki gets Jen to show her the dating profile she made and se immediately laughs at the photo she chose. She tells her she should make the profile as She-Hulk instead, and the name seems to be catching on.

Later, Wong and Jen meet with Donny Blaze to serve him with a cease and desist. Blaze make it clear he is not going to stop performing his act and he is going to fight to continue practicing the mystic arts. Jen and Wong leave, disgusted by their new adversary in more ways than one.

Jen has a bad date with a guy she matched with on the dating app before going to court against Blaze. She convinces Wong to summon Madis… the girl from earlier as a witness. She’s clearly intoxicated and not presenting herself as reliable but she does spell her name for us. Madisynn recalls her experience after the Blaze show, which sounds horrifying and includes a demon, with whom she made a pact. Before you get excited thinking this is Mephisto though, she does tell us his name was Jake. You know, typical demon name.

Madisynn’s testimony and the incompetence of Blaze and his team does convince the judge to consider the case against the magician but she does allow him to continue practicing his act in the meantime. Wong and Madisynn head out to get froyo because they are clearly becoming friends.

Now desperate to get a date, Jen makes a profile as She-Hulk and immediately gets dozens of matches. She still goes a few bad dates before meeting a guy she likes. Meanwhile, Blaze gets desperate with his act when a volunteer refuses to go through a portal. Instead, he summons a bird that lays and egg that hatches a violent little troll creature. When Blaze dispatches of the creature, he opens a portal that allows dozens more to come in. Now even more desperate, Blaze goes to Wong for help. The Sorcerer Supreme tells him to call his lawyer because he’s going to need help handling these creatures.

Jen’s date is… going well before Wong interrupts and brings her to the auditorium to help with the demon creatures. He tells her to be a hulk and together they throw them all through a portal. After saving him, Jen gets Blaze to agree to the cease and desist, before she returns to her date.

The next morning, the man from the date sees Jen, in human form, and decided to leave quickly. Jen is clearly bothered by it but plays it off via fourth wall break. She then answers a knock at her door to be served by Titania, who apparently has trademarked the name “She-Hulk.” Jen admits that this is a bummer of an ending to the episode but bets there’s a fun tag. She’s right, because we then see Wong and Madisynn watching The Sopranos together and talking about their favorite cocktails.

This episode really cements the “new adventure every week” kind of nature to show. While the seed has been planted for a big bad lurking in the shadows, it’s clear Jen is going to be tackling a new situation with each episode, in a very sitcom sort of way. Of course, this episode was once again hilarious as this show continues to be maybe the funniest thing Marvel has ever given us.

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