The Many Personalities Of Bill Green Take Center Stage This Week on “Big City Greens”

A different side of the Bill Green we all know and love shows up for half an episode before the usual Bill Green we all know and love comes out to save his farm…again.

Chill Bill

The Greens are heading to the lake for a special day of fun, but the lake brings out a new side of Bill that few have ever seen. He loves the lake and is ready for a day of relaxation and fun. After Bill rents an expensive looking boat, he and Cricket make special soda milkshakes while the rest of the family sets out for activities.

Remy is enjoying the trampoline while Gramma goes to enjoy the sun for a nice even tan. Unfortunately, with everyone distracted, Remy’s floating trampoline isn’t tied securely and he drifts away from the boat. On shore, Nancy and Tilly are spending quality time together when they discover that a leech has secured itself on Tilly’s arm. Not one to reject any animal, Tilly allows the leech to stay, embracing their new bond and “friendship.”

Cricket loves this fun loving side of his dad and doesn’t want it to end, but off in the distance Remy is floating endlessly in the sunshine and heat and hallucinates Vasquez on an inflatable beach ball that suggests using his glasses to alert the Greens boat. Tragically, Bill is too distracted having fun, and decides to perform some boat stunts and speeds away from the bright light signaling him.

Because Cricket doesn’t want the fun to end, he ignores all the trouble happening around him, including his mother and sister rushing to the boat for a first aid kit since the new leech friend is taking all of Tilly’s blood – but can you blame him? There’s a jetski involved.

Tilly, not convinced the leech isn’t a real friend, convinces her mother that if she were to remove the leech, he would come back anyway. When attempted though, this isn’t the case, and the leech sets out for a new host, and tries to latch onto Gramma, who has none of it. She rips the leech off and chucks it into the lake, where it hits several obstacles along the way, including Remy’s floating trampoline. The sharp fangs of the parasite tear into the float and burst it, sending Remy towards the whirlpool created by a nearby dam.

Cricket is witness to the carnage and tries to take the jetski out for a solo run while his dad floats peacefully nearby. His rescue attempt is not fruitful, and he too ends up in the water with Remy while the unattended jetski speeds back to Bill.

Bill, now aware of the danger, rescues the boys and returns back to their rented boat, where Cricket tells him he likes the fun side of his dad, but the heartfelt moment comes when Bill shares the many roles he takes on as their dad, but he can still have fun!

Bunny Farm

It’s harvest day at the farm, but Bunnies have invaded. The big corporate farm nearby has put up secure rabbit proof fencing, and all the rabbits have to go somewhere else, likely to the nearest farm— The Green Family Farms! Bill, not wanting to lose his farm again, means the harvest has to take place in its entirety – TODAY. Normally, something like this can take a whole week, but Nancy rounded up some reinforcements (read: Everyone we met thus far in the country) and they all show up to help the harvest. Speculatively speaking, it’s almost like we aren’t going to see these new characters for a while…

Trouble is, except for Good ole’ Joe, nobody else is a farmer, so there is going to have to be some real quick training. There will be a rabbit hunt with Gramma and Patty, lettuce harvesting with Trey, and the kids – who are playing more water games than cleaning the harvested lettuce.

Lupita wants to help, but since she was pushed aside as the youngest child, she is now distracting Joe with cartwheels and dancing, while Wayne panics because he is actually afraid of rabbits.

Seems like it won’t be easy for Bill. Especially considering Tilly is now saving the rabbits from the rabbit hunt, which may or may not include a batch of explosives from Gramma. Frustrated, Bill is ready to let everyone go home, but Nancy stops him – and the crowd is ready to pitch in more than before.

However, all those rabbits Tilly was setting free in the wild have, um, er, multiplied. A monstrous wave of rabbits is now descending upon the farm. Nancy cracks down, playing on the strengths of each of the helpers. She even gets Lupita to help with something, and gets Sunday to help out with a fun song to motivate the crew.

The plan works well, but the bunnies are too much – until the tractor is fixed thanks to the help of Lupita. The harvest is done in record time, but the real reveal was that Nancy has a knack for managing people, and with her help the farm could be okay after all. What does this mean for the future? The season finale  is drawing close, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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