Today is 7/11 — or, as it’s known to many, Free Slurpee Day. Sure, slurpees can be pretty refreshing on a hot summer’s day, but they’re still no match for the perennial Disney Parks classic: The Dole Whip.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the Etsy marketplace to find the top 11 items you can buy inspired by the tempting delicious pineapple treat:

Countdown Calendar


Nothing helps hype the excitement of an impending Disney Parks trip like having a countdown until your adventures begin. Having a countdown until you get your hands on a tasty Dole Whip? Even better.

Available from: AbilityPoweredDesign

Half Marathon Sticker


You may have seen decals on cars with numbers like 6.2, 13.1, or ever 26.2. Usually those are runners bragging about how far they run, so why not boast your ability to consume large amounts of frozen beverages?

Available from: ThreeDandelionWishes

Mickey Ear Headband


This headband is both fun and beautiful. It perfectly matches the tropical serenity that comes with eating the perfect Dole Whip.

Available from: FloofyArts

“Keep Calm” Shirt


A classic saying for a classic treat. This custom t-shirt is a no-brainer.

Available from: Just4KidsBoutique

Nail Decals


How perfect are these? Be sure to stock up and buy plenty so that you can get those summer vibes even in the cold winter months.

Available from: ThePunkyPanda

Scented Candle


A few months back, we highlighted this shop and their truly awesome candles based on Disney scents. With many scents to choose from, many of our readers said that this one was the leader in the clubhouse. What say you?

Available from: AnthologyCandles



Show your Dole Whip love on a daily basis with these adorable earrings. If you don’t have pierced ears, perhaps you could turn them into mini-keychains? Just saying.

Available from: MarsCharms

Toddler Shirt


This might not be the most exciting design, but the sentiment is spot on. Be sure to pick up extras for all of your kids 😉

Available from: DylansDesignInc

Disney ‘D’ Dress


Not only does this dress invoke the beauty of Dole Whips with its color and pattern but also features the iconic Disney ‘D.’ Generic pineapple whips take note — there’s only ONE true Dole Whip and it’s at Disney. Got it?

Available from: TheBraveLittleTailor (sidenote: how perfect is that shop name?)

“Whip It” Decal


When a problem comes along… Whip it good… It’s not too late…

Available from: PrettyLittleCharmer

Bathing Suits and Dress


Finally, what garment fits the summer theming that goes hand in hand with Dole Whip fandom? That’s right — bathing suit. In addition to the one-piece options seen above, there’s also a bikini available as well.

Love the design and want to wear it all year long? Well, luckily there’s also a dress version:


Available from: ShawnaLayDesigns

So which of these Dole Whip items is your favorite? And, more importantly, how amazing does a Dole Whip sound right now?

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