Update: Midler stayed true to her word and has the pictures to prove it:

Oh how Ms. Midler loves to tease the scores of Hocus Pocus fans… Today she announced via her Facebook that should be attending a Halloween party benefitting the New York Restoration Project dressed as Winnie Sanderson — her beloved character from the 90’s Disney film. The NYRP “Hulaween” is being held at Waldorf-Astoria on October 28th and tickets are still available here (warning: they’re pricey).

Ever since it’s dud of a release in 1993, Hocus Pocus has gained a loyal following over the years. In fact, Midler herself has often been the one leading the charge to have a sequel made, so it’s really no surprise that she’d see donning that classic costume again as a bit of fun that perhaps could conjure up some extra sales for her cause.

(While we’re on the subject, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point that my friend Aaron Wallace has just released a new book all about Hocus Pocus and it’s fandom titled Hocus Pocus in Focus which you can pick up on Amazon or his website.)

So are you excited that Better is still excited for Hocus Pocus? And how much would you pay to see her in character for yourself?