Dude, by now you should know that Marvel’s Captain Marvel takes place in 1990s. And just like every film that’s trying to get the attention of their target audience, Marvel is throwing it back to that sweet decade throughout their marketing campaign. This time they’re bringing back Magic Eye with their delightfully painful ocular promotion.

If you grew up in the 90s you’ve no doubt encountered the infamous Magic Eye pictures that feature a hidden 3D image. I for one found them super easy to see, usually making them out in roughly 3-10 seconds #HumbleBrag. But for many folks, they caused more eye strain than it was worth. Well, on Thursday, the official Captain Marvel Twitter account shared five Magic Eye pictures with hidden images related to the upcoming movie. Check them out:

Highlight here to reveal image description –> Captain Marvel silhouette with helmet

Image description  –> Nick Fury

image description –> Awesome Aviator sunglasses

image description –> Skrull!

image description –> Captain Marvel symbol

There are a few ways to see the images. According to the (ironically 90s) Magic Eye’s website, users should print out images as they are easier to see on paper versus a computer screen. Hold the image to your nose and slowly move it away. Focus your eyes looking into the distance as if looking through the picture. You can also blur your vision and as you refocus the image should pop off the background.

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