Grab Those Tissues for a New Walt Disney World Commercial Debut

Just in time for holiday emotion, perhaps even channeling a certain southeastern grocery store known for emotional adverts, Walt Disney World has premiered a short and sweet ad that may just leaving you wiping away a tear or two.

What’s Happening:

  • A new commercial for Walt Disney World has hit, designed to hit you, as the kids say, “Right in the feels.”
  • The 30-second commercial opens with a small girl running up to Cinderella Castle to meet Cinderella herself who has her arms wide open ready for the hug every little princess is looking for.
  • Seen in a POV shot, the camera wraps around to show a smile across the girl’s face as she looks at the camera.
  • It is revealed that this is all footage as seen on a father’s cell phone, and the father is watching the video as the daughter, now older, is packing up to leave the house.
  • The father begins to shed some tears as the daughter and dad joke about how they’re not going to miss each other, before they hug each other and we see the words appear next to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction “Because they’re only little for a little while.” It’s at this point the commercial ends with “Walt Disney World” across the screen and a tissue or two in the viewer’s hand.
  • The new Walt Disney World ad can be seen below, and it may be convenient to have a hanky nearby just in case you get “something in your eye.”


  • It was around this time last year that Disneyland Paris debuted an adorable and emotional ad campaign featuring an all-too-cute duckling making a trek to meet its hero Donald at the European park that spread rapidly across the internet.

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