Disney Increases Security at Disney Springs and Changes Gun Policy

The Orlando Sentinel writes Disney will be increasing security at Disney Springs by adding sheriff deputies patrolling on horseback starting in January. They did not say how often they will be on premises. According to Disney, this decision is unrelated to the Christmas night disturbance that grabbed headline a week ago as the plans were already underway.

Disney has also changed their policy regarding firearms in the parks. Other than law enforcement officers, guests will no longer be allowed to check firearms in with security and have them stored in special safes.

“We have a comprehensive approach to security and continuously review our security procedures in collaboration with law enforcement,” Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said in an emailed statement.

Earlier this month, Disney greatly increased security in their theme parks by installing metal detectors.

This isn’t the first time Disney has had mounted patrols on property:

Nieves said the horses used to be at Disney, though he did not know when. Disney stopped using them because of the messes the animals leave behind, he said. Now, Nieves said, the sheriff’s office will provide special bags for catching manure.