Ellen Addresses Her Ride Closure, Audio-Animatronic on Her Talk Show

Weeks after Epcot’s Ellen’s Energy Adventure said “goodbye” to make way for a new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, the ride’s star, Ellen Degeneres, has taken to her daytime talk show to declare she wants her robot back. In the brief segment, Degeneres first mentions Universe of Energy’s closure before specifically focusing on the Audio-Animatronic that was built to her likeness. The host then said, “If anyone from Disney is watching, I want my robot back,” joking that the figure could fill-in for her on the show when she’s not feeling well (or even when she is feeling well).

Ellen’s Energy Adventure closed permanently on August 13th. Incidentally, the final public ride was never actually completed as guests were evacuated in the dinosaur room where Ellen’s AA once resided.