Disney Conservation Fund to Award $8 Million in 2018

The Walt Disney Company has announced the Disney Conservation Fund will be donating over $8 million in grants to 80 nonprofit organizations in 2018. These grant awards are part of Disney Conservation Fund’s “Reverse the Decline” initiative.

Disney Conservation Fund

What’s happening:

  • Disney Conservation Fund will award over $8 million in grant money to 80 nonprofit organizations.
  • Disney Conservation Fund selects each nonprofit for their leadership in conservation and their commitment to protecting the environment. Each grant helps others to achieve their goals of preserving the Earth and endangered species.

How it works:

  • A majority of the funding for the grants is provided by The Walt Disney Company.
  • Everyone can support the Disney Conservation Fund. Guest can contribute at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and select locations in Walt Disney World.

Elissa Margolis—senior vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility: “Each program we support through the Disney Conservation Fund is an inspiring example of the power of people to make a difference around the world, an important reminder for each of us as we celebrate Earth Month,”



2018 Grant Recipients:

  • California Condor Nest Guarding Program- Santa Barbara Zoological Foundation
  • Conserving Rhinos through Community Engagement- Save the Rhino International
  • Conserving the Cao Vit Gibbon– Fauna & Flora International
  • Rewilding Australia with Tasmanian Devils– Global Wildlife Conservation
  • Seagrass Surveys for Education and Conservation- Marine Resources Development Foundation

For a complete list of the most recent DCF grant recipients, visit www.disney.com/conservation.

ICYMI—Other Disney Conservation Projects:

  • Disney recently announced that Disney Stores will discontinue the use of plastic shopping bags.
  • Disney is expanding their current solar panel project. When it’s completed, the solar panel facilities will power up to 25% of the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • In honor of Earth Day and Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary, an extended Party for the Planet will take place at Disney’s Animal Kingdom through May 5th.
  • Disneynature films is celebrating a decade of conservation through entertainment. When Disneynature films premiere in theaters or as a home video release, a portion of the sales go to a specific conservation fund or project.

Since 1995, The Disney Conservation Fund has helped to protect over 400 species around the world.