Toy Story Mania New Entrance

Toy Story Mania New Entrance

Walt Disney World has announced an upcoming closure as well as the return of FastPass+ for Toy Story Mania! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • FastPass+ has not be available at the popular attraction since April 12th, 2018 as Imagineers prepare the ride’s new entrance.
  • Disney also announced that the attraction will be fully closed from June 11 to 18 to prepare for the attraction’s integration into Toy Story Land.
  • When Toy Story Mania reopens, guests will still enter and exit the attraction on Pixar Avenue, but when Toy Story Land opens, it will feature a new entrance within the land.

Upcoming Toy Story Mania Dates of Interest:

  • May 9: FastPass+ Reservations Become Available for Booking
  • May 20: Attraction Returns to Full Operation
  • June 11: Attraction Closes
  • June 18: Attraction Reopens
  • June 30: Toy Story Land Opens with New Entrance for Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Land Fun Facts:

  • More than 400 toy blocks fill Andy’s backyard.
  • In Toy Story Land, Andy’s footprint is about 25 feet long or the equivalent of a size 240 shoe.
  • It would take a Green Army Man roughly 12 steps just to travel the length of one of Andy’s shoeprints.
  • You would need a backpack the size of a school bus to carry the Buzz and Woody figures that tower over Toy Story Land.
  • The weight of the Slinky Dog Dash track and support columns weighs almost as much as 125,000 gallons of milk.
  • Together Rex and the Jenga Tower are as tall as 7½ Green Army Men standing on top of one another.

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