Hasbro Debuts New Star Wars and Marvel Figures at Fan Expo

Fan Expo in Canada kicked off yesterday and as one would expect, Hasbro has debut several new figures that will be available soon. Fans of Marvel and Star Wars are in for a treat with these exclusive collectable figures.

What’s happening:

  • Hasbro has debut new Marvel and Star Wars figures at the Canadian Fan Expo. The collectables will be available in early 2019.
  • Star Wars will feature two new releases, one for The Black Series, the other for the Vintage Collection.
  • Marvel’s collection will debut with four characters for the Marvel Legends Series.
  • Star Wars The Black Series Dryden Vos 6-Inch Figure
  • Star Wars The Vintage Collection Phasma Figure
  • Marvel Legends Weapon X Figure
  • Marvel Legends Guardian Figure
  • Marvel Legends Wendigo Build-A-Figure
  • Marvel Legends Mystique Figure (exclusively at Walgreens in the US)

More from Hasbro:

All year long, Hasbro has been sharing sneak peeks at some of their exclusive collectables. Everything from Marvel’s Defenders and Black Panther, to Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Last Jedi.

  • At Comic-Con, Hasbro gave fans a preview of the Marvel Legends Black Panther series as well as Ant-Man and Wasp vintage figures.
  • The Deadpool craze is still a thing, and Hasbro’s mini mystery figures packaged as chimichangas are quite brilliant.
  • Some items at this year’s Comic-Con were exclusive to the multi genre expo that draws fans from around the world. One of the special Con collectables was the Star Wars Forces of Destiny Chewbacca and Porgs.
  • From Mighty Muggs to Micro Force, these Star Wars items are must for fans and collectors of all ages.