Disney Debuts New “Dumbo” Trailer

Just in case there wasn’t enough excitement happening this week, Disney has released a new trailer for 2019’s Dumbo. During tonight’s Country Music Awards (CMAs), fans got another look at the beloved story about a young, flying elephant.

What’s happening:

  • This evening, Disney released a second trailer for the live-action Dumbo film during the broadcast of the Country Music Awards.
  • Earlier today, Disney tweeted that the new trailer would be making its debut during the award show on ABC.

  • Along with the announcement of the trailer, Disney also shared a new poster showing Dumbo soaring through the air.

Dumbo Trailer

  • Finally, a few still images from the movie were also released giving fans at look at Dumbo and the world in which he lives.

More about Dumbo:

  • The Tim Burton directed film will combine live-action with CGI to tell this beloved tale.
  • The first teaser trailer was released in June and gave fans just a hint of what to expect from the new film.
  • Dumbo stars:
    • Colin Farrell
    • Michael Keaton
    • Danny DeVito
    • Eva Green
    • Alan Arkin
    • Finley Hobbins
    • Nico Parker
  • Dumbo is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 29, 2019