Ignore the rules once, shame on you. Ignore the rules twice, we’re not giving you back your annual pass. While those aren’t the words exchanged between Walt Disney World and Dion Cini, they pretty much sum up what’s taken place after Cini held up another banner in support of President Trump on Disney Property.

What’s happening:

  • Dion Cini has had his Walt Disney World annual pass revoked again after returning to Magic Kingdom to display another political banner.
  • Over the weekend, Cini was caught holding up a “Trump 2020” flag on Splash Mountain for the on ride camera.
  • Cini previously lost his pass after his first big stunt in September (see below), but then Disney decided to let him back in.
  • According to local ABC affiliate, WFTV, Cini “said Disney a few weeks ago called and said he was no longer banned and he agreed not to hang any more flags.”
  • According to Disney’s park, “the usage of any flag, banner or sign to incite a crowd” is prohibited.

What he’s saying:

  • Dion Cini: “They never mentioned the fact that there was some kind of safety issue on the ride. That I was holding up a sign and I shouldn’t be doing that. And I wanted to actually abide by their rules, and not hold up a flag to incite a crowd, but I kind of wanted to test them. I just really wanted to find out whether or not it had to do with unfurling a flag, or what was written on the flag.”

What happened before:

  • Back in September, Dion Cini—a former Marine and avid Trump supporter—had his Annual Pass revoked for holding up a political banner at the Main Street Train Station at Magic Kingdom.
  • The giant banner called for the re-election of President Trump in 2020 along with the tagline “Keep America Great.”
  • The Magic Kingdom displays were not isolated incidents. Cini has taken his banners to Walt Disney World before:

Trump Sign

Photo from WFTV.com



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