Mickey’s 90th anniversary celebration is well underway, and the surprises keep getting better! Mickey Ice Cream Bars will be hitting grocery store shelves soon so fans around the country can enjoy a little magic at home.

What’s happening:

  • Nestle and Disney are bringing a favorite park treat to homes across the country.
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bars will be available in grocery stores and will be sold in boxes containing six bars.
  • Popsugar shared a photo from Instagram user, Katrina Watkins, who posts that the limited edition ice cream bars will be available in February 2019.
  • It’s unclear which grocery stores will be carrying the dessert and for how long.
  • While they can’t be purchased yet, there is a link on Ralph’s website that would suggest that chain of stores will be receiving the iconic snack.

Good to Know:

  • A closer look at the box indicates that these bars are made with light ice cream and have a lower calorie content then the Premium bars available in the parks.
  • These bars will have ½ the fat and ⅓ fewer calories than full-fat ice cream.

Mickey’s 90th anniversary continues: